Reticulum Prime is a cold desert planet in the fifth orbit around Zeta1 Reticuli.


Reticulum Prime serves as a major mining colony providing valuable resources for the Confederacy. It has an atmosphere mostly composed of Carbon Dioxide so the mines are located in oxygen domes to keep miners safe. 10 moons orbit around Reticulum Prime, one of which is a Selena, the others being captured asteroids. A beautiful ring also surrounds the planet. The landscape is barren, consisting of flat deserts, mountains, and salt flats. Crystals ranging from 4 to 60t tall can be found around the planet.


The weather on Reticulum Prime is mainly calm and predictable however, twisters, cyclones and dust storms do occur.

Recent discoveries

In the year of 199722 CE, during minings on the planet, abandoned constructions were found. 2 years later, archeologists were sent there to investigate. It seemed to be a research base of some unknown Late Type V Civilization (probably). Disfigured corpses were found in conservation, but they were not alive. Among these dead bodies, humans and Xa'Thins were found. How they went there is still a mystery.


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