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The Planet Rexlor, Designation RS 5635-228-7-1715262-211 6, is a planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy, (and yes, since the Whirlpool galaxy does not have a page, it will be older than it actually says, besides, space engine does not say how old it is, plus, I can not find any information whatsoever as to how old it is), and is the homeworld of the Rexlorians. The planet has seen many different empires rule it, with the most Notable being the Grand Rexlor Empire, which famously controlled several galaxies, and even controlled parts of the Milky Way well before the rise of Humanity. The empire has control of the Whirlpool Galaxy to this day, and has been known to invade the Milky Way several times, in order to subjugate the many races within. The Planet has several smalller ringworlds in orbit to house the ever growing population of Rexlorians.

History (Abridged (Kinda))

So, basically, the Planet Rexlor was created after it's home star, Chronir, was created 10 Billion years ago. The planet has gone through many different periods, with each ending in a mass extinction. However, the Rexlorians, being the intelligent race that they are, made a way to stop these from ever happening again. The Rexlorians emerged around 9 billion BCE, and began space exploration about 399,000 years later. About 300 years after space travel was begun, the Chronir system was completely under the control of the Rexlorians. About 1,000 years later, all stars within a 15 light-year bubble around the Chronir System were under the control of the Rexlorian Race. Within 10 million years, most of the Whirlpool galaxy was under the control of the Rexlorian Race. About 3 billion years after that, several different galaxies were under the control of the Grand Rexlor Empire, which was now poised to colonize the Milky Way Galaxy, but before then, they had to send probes throughout the Galaxy, to find suitable planets to have as colonies. The probes were sent, and they sent back mostly bad results, all, save a few, which found habitable planets. One of these planets, was a small rock with a Blue atmosphere and ocean, and was the third planet from it's star, a yellow dwarf star, and a young one at that. The planet, was what the "Confederacy of Humanity" calls "Earth", or "Terra". In the Rexlorian language, it is "Qelor", or "Jewel of the Night", in the languages of Humans. For about 5,000 years, the Rexlorian Empire controlled Earth, before having to leave, which is still a mystery to this day. However, they did leave a satellite in orbit around the planet, which lasted for a long time. After this, the history of the nation falls into mystery, until the 8,000's CE, when the Rexlorian Empire returned to the Milky Way, seeking to reclaim their lost Colonies. The Rexlorian Empire, now a T-4 civilization, had billions, if not trillions, of people available for military service, when they suddenly made incursions into Human Space. The war was long and hard, but Humanity was victorious . However, their victory was only claimed by the Confederacy, as they still had to give some territory to the Rexlorians. Even Earth itself was sacked during the war, the capital city set ablaze. Systems throughout Human Space burned, as the assault of the Rexlorian Empire continued towards some goal, believed to be the total capitulation of the Confederacy of Humanity. However, for whatever reason, the Rexlorian Empire decided to sign a peace treaty, in which the Human Confederacy would only give a handful of systems near Rexlorian Colonies.



First image of the moon Kelnar. Note it's age, being a billions of years old, and the form of storage it was in keeping it from deteriorating.



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