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The Rexlorians are a race of Sentient, humanoid bipeds who control the Trans-Galactic Empire of Rexlor. The race was very violent for much of it's history, however, in recent years, the species has become more peaceful, however there have been a few wars recently, most notably the Human-Rexlorian War, in which the Rexlorian Empire managed to attack Sol, the capital of the Confederacy of Borealis.


The anatomical structure of a Rexlorian is very similar to that of a Human, however there are several differences. The most notable difference is the seeming lack of a nose, or at least, what us Humans call a nose. The eyes are much larger than those of a Human, as well as they are completely black. Their skin seems to be as hard as that of some of our strongest body armors currently in development. This could explain why we could barely survive the war that lasted from 8071-9192. Currently, it is believed that a Rexlorian without any cybernetic enhancement can live for a maximum of 250-275 years, however, with a certain level of cybernetics, one could live to be 500 years old.


Average Rexlorian with cybernetics (Note, I do not claim this image. Credit to the actual creator)

Every Rexlorian is born with two hearts, one as a primary heart, and the other is "backup" if the primary heart is damaged. Rexlorians can reach up to 10'3" (3.1242 meters), however sizes can vary if the Rexlorian has cybernetics installed.

Rexlorians are primarily suited for Mountainous Environments, due to their homeworld being for the most part covered in mountainous islands.


The Rexlorians are a highly advanced race when it comes to technology, being able to create wormholes, as well as having interstellar teleportation devices. They were the first race in their galaxy to develop a faster than light engine that permitted them to colonize the nearby star systems without the use of a generation ship. Ship technology is also quite advanced, with some ships having biological components. These ships, however, have a few drawbacks, the most notable being that they are much slower, and as such, they are not used as often. These "ships" have stopped being produced due to health concerns, and as such most ships are completely non-biological. Cybernetics have made significant advancements in recent centuries, with some Rexlorians actually adding on cybernetic limbs to assist in the workplace, however,robots and synthetic Rexlorians are predominantly used. Synthetic Rexlorians are classified as "Robotic machines built in laboratories to preform tasks unable to be preformed by organics." There are some out there who think that they deserve the same rights as any other being, however, this argument has always had a counter-argument which goes as "If they were sentient, why can't they revolt?". This argument has been quite effective for quite some time, and is likely to continue that way.


The Rexlorians first "evolved" in 9 Billion BCE with the first multi-cellular life on land. This primitive race spread quickly over the planet where they would hunt and scavenge any food they could find. Eventually, they would become sentient, and form the first clans, tribes, and cities. These civilizations would eventually reach the top of "the food chain" after mastering fire. Only two million years after their earliest ancestors appeared, they began space exploration, visiting the moon "Kelnar", an object that was very interesting to them. Within three hundred years, they had set up bases on it. In 8.5 Billion BCE, they invented an FTL drive which allowed them to reach nearby star systems within a year. This allowed them to begin colonizing the Whirlpool Galaxy. Eventually, after a billion years of space travel, they conquered the rest of their galaxy. Many, many years later, they reached the the Milky Way. Eventually, they found a planet which they named "Qelor", or as us Humans know it by, Earth, Terra, our first home in the stars. For a few years, they stayed on the planet, but for an unknown reason, they left, taking several species with them. It is believed that those species may still be alive on their home planet of Rexlor and could be the second known instance of terrestrial life being transplanted by an ancient alien civilization, followed closely by the First Civilization. After this point, we know little of what they did, other than that they conquered several galaxies, becoming known as the "Trans-Galactic Rexlorian Empire.". This Empire would remain in that form even into "recent" times (recent being about 1500 years ago), in which they returned to the Milky Way.

Humanity did not expect it to happen, however, it seems that they were planning the war for at least two thousand years before. Humans had discovered some of their probes and structures throughout the galaxy, but had mislabeled them as artifacts of the First Civilization. It seems that they were monitoring us through the probes they had sent into the galaxy when they had first arrived. They went on to attack Sol, the capital of the Confederacy of Borealis, causing heavy casualties to both sides. The battle of Sol began with an orbital bombardment upon the planets of Vulcan, Venus, and Mars. Eventually, they made their way to Earth, where they first bombarded the planet's surface before sending in ground forces. The battle on Earth lasted for many months, but eventually, the Rexlorian Forces achieved victory. It seemed that all was lost, had it not been for supplies running low on Rexlorian Vessels, and as such, the vessels left. Eventually, in 9192, the war ended in defeat for the Human Confederacy, however, we were surprised when they did not annex us. They only took a cluster of star systems, which they granted independence, all save for one, which they kept for research. When the Second Galactic War occurred, the Rexlorians decided to side with Humanity, whom they had grown to like.


The Rexlorian Culture is more of a general term that covers several races under the Rexlorian Empire. It is founded on the ideas of Liberty, Equality, Individualism, and Patriotism. Otherwise, it is nearly identical to that of Humanity (barring the whole technology and cybernetics bit).

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