Rhesa, or RS 1228-3179-7-1432442-561 4, is a Temperate Terra that is the former home of the Rhesans, a race which had at one point controlled much of the Andromeda Galaxy before a mysterious plague wiped out much of the population, leading them to become a nomadic race, never staying in one system, or galaxy for that matter, for very long.


Early History

Rhesa was formed around 4.6 billion years ago (as of 2017) around it's parent star, Joval. In early days, it's surface was volatile, but by 3.2 billion years, it had cooled enough to be suitable for life. About 100 million years later, the first lifeforms emerged, and by 2.5 billion years ago, the first Rhesans (albeit primitive ones) had arisen. Within a couple hundred thousand years, they would conquer the entire planet and unite, forming the "Rhesan Federation", which would go on to unify much of the Andromeda Galaxy for a time. However, all good things must come to an end, and Rhesan hegemony over the galaxy would be no different.

The Plague

Around 1 billion years ago, a plague appeared in the Andromeda galaxy which killed much of the population of the Rhesan federation, leaving the survivors immortal, but in exchange for that, they suffered from an extreme form of muscular atrophy, however, their numbers had dwindled to just over 100,000. This would mark the beginning of their nomadic lifestyle, as around this time, Rhesan scientists had discovered how to travel quickly between galaxies. In the meantime, Rhesa would be abandoned, with only the occasional visitor either scavenging, restoring, or preforming a pilgrimage to the many temples that dot it's landscape.

Modern history

In recent years, it has been noted that the population of Rhesa has been steadily increasing, which coincided with the arrival of Human explorers to the planet. Due to the vulnerability of the Rhesans, they would soon ask to join the Confederacy of Humanity, an offer which would be accepted, however, Rhesa would be abandoned once more, with the Rhesans instead choosing to move to many of the different human controlled worlds. Now, Rhesa only has a population of around 100, with that number expected to eventually fade away.


The climate of Rhesa is very similar to that of Earth, however there are several notable exceptions. These exceptions are as follows:

Surface diff-1504523651

Map of Rhesa's surface

  • The North and South poles rarely ever freeze over
  • The atmosphere is primarily comprised of Carbon Dioxide, however, there is a large ammount of oxygen and nitrogen as well.
  • There is only one true continent, a supercontinent if you will.
  • It only has one moon, however, it is only a captured asteroid.
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