The Rhesans are the natives of the planet Rhesa, a planet in the mid-rim of the Andromeda Galaxy.



In general, the Rhesans are physically weak, however, they make up for that with their strength in "psionics" as some would call it. They suffer from an extreme form of muscle atrophy, something that only recently was reversed.

Skeletal Structure

The Rhesan skeletal structure is, for all intents and purposes, very similar to that of the average human, save for a few key differences. First, it features two extra arms, second, it's feet have four toes each, third, it's heels are sightly raised above the ground.

Internal Organs

The Rhesans have many of the same organs as Humans, such as a heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, a liver, and the sort. Inside their brain is a cluster of neurons that control their "psionic powers".

TVGG 8694 (1)

Diagram of the average Rhesan

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