Rhyne is a temperate E-Class planet situated in the Milky Way; also the homeworld of the Gaunta.


Roughly thirty five thousand light years from Earth, Rhyne orbits a G9.3 V type star, at 0.8 AU. It experiences temperatures below freezing point, however, the atmospheric pressure keeps the water in liquid state. Oceans do not exist on Rhyne, only lakes. Underground are huge collections of water, available for lifeforms living within the soil.

It was discovered by the Confederacy of Humanity in 6070 in attempt to find a world suitable for a human colony. A civilisation, although measured as Type 0 at the time of discovery, it is now a fully fledged Type II civilisation since 9981.


Life took a foothold on the planet 7.9 billion years ago in the planet's former oceans. Scientists studying life on Rhyne have concluded that life had begun from asteroids plummeting towards the scarred surface during the planet's formation.

Rhyne experienced a mass extinction almost 90 million years ago from a comet, originating in the star system's comet cloud, had impacted the ground in an area surrounded by a large forest - which no longer exists - which had created a new crater which eventually filled up with water from rain. 

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