Ri'Vanni is the fifth planet of the Aero'Vanni System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a cold D-Class world with various forms of flora spread across its entire surface. It serves as the home world of the intelligent species the Ko'rr.


RI'Vanni serves as one of the most important worlds in the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, and this thanks to it being the home world to the Ko'rr species, as well as its massive population of around a trillion people.

Originally, it served as a simple colony planet for a now defunct species and civilization known as the: "Katya" a late type three species that once held control over thousands of star systems after the fall of the Etymology in 604,000,000 BCE. However over time the species colonies would gradually grow apart, and the respective Katya of each evolving into new forms and eventually into entirely new species thanks to evolution influenced by their respective home worlds.

Ri'Vanni has been the site of countless conflicts between the three nations that all Ko'rr once fell into before the intervention of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, as they constantly fought over the planet's northern most ice cap, as the Ko'rr people believed it to be a sacred and all powerful god. The most famous of these conflicts would be known as the: "Night the Cold Wept". Which has gone down as one of the worst atrocities (albeit unknowingly) committed by the Ambrosia Alliance.


The geography of Ri'vanni is varied depending on each region of the planet. Across most of the planet is one massive forest of various forms of giant mushrooms that all take a pinkish purple tone in color, leaving the planet as the color we see today. Throughout the forest are several dried up lakes and rivers from the planet's former period where it held various lakes and rivers of salt ocean.

And of course, at the top of the planets northern pole is a small ice cap, only extending around one hundred kilometers in diameter. Several small craters are located across the surface as well.

It has four distinctive rings in orbit around the planet that formed thanks to several of Ri'Vanni's dwarf moons impacting with each other. These rings are kept in check with several Shepard moons in between each ring.


Ri'Vanni is pretty cold, with an mean average of -78 degrees Celsius, making any foreign species need to wear protective suits in the outside environment. But thanks to their thick fur coats, Ko'rr find it quite hospitable. Other then its actual temperature, the climate of Ko'rr is fairly calm, with very low winds during most of the planet's year.

Its known that the planet experiences a lot of hail throughout its local year, constantly bombarding the northern points of the desert world.


The population of the planet is absolutely massive, with around forty trillion individuals made up of the various species that make up the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. Though to no surprise, the majority of this would be made up of the Ko'rr.

This population is spread among the four cities on the planet's surface with ten trillion living within Atra'Bah. Five trillion living in Tsaj'Bah. Five trillion in Roya'Bah. And twenty trillion living in Murum respectively, turning the four formerly small scale cities to massive metropolis' the size of entire nations of various worlds past.


The planet's original culture would of course be identical to that of its tenant species, the Ko'rr, which in turn was made up of constant bloody conflicts over Ri'Vanni's northern most ice cap for the: "divine power" they believed to be located within the structure. It was thought at the time by all Ko'rr that if one of the three nations held control over both it and the Katya city of Murum, then the icecap would grant them divine powers such as: Clairvoyance, Immortality, and Endless Power through a divine phenomenon they referred to as the: "Cold"

After the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems forced the Ko'rr to join their ranks, this culture would begin to fade from the history books. Especially after the Night the Cold Wept, as their would no longer be any icecap for any Ko'rr to worship.


As previously stated, the planet is covered in a massive forest of giant mushrooms ranging in size from five feet high, to as tall as three hundred feet high that all take a pinkish-purple hue. Many areas are also covered in thin grass-like organisms also taking the same hue. Strangely, no form of fauna has ever been known to inhabit the surface.

And of course, the most famous life form to inhabit the planet would be the Ko'rr. Though not originally hailing from the Ri'Vanni, due to their stark difference to the original species that would father them, they are considered to be a wholly different species.


Ri'Vanni, like many other planets of the universe, formed from the debris of the planetary accretion disk created from the formation of its parent star, Aero'Vanni (A) in 9,848,247,000 BCE. Its major moon of Thi'Vanni would form alongside it. Once it formed, it would have many lakes and rivers pog-marked across its planetary desert, however gradually over time these would dry up, ultimately culminating in 8,760,325,015 BCE when it fully became a desert world.

Later on its gravity would capture several asteroids, placing them in orbit around it as dwarf moons. However in these asteroids would be placed in chaotically unstable orbits around Ri'Vanni, with several crashing into the planet surface proper, and the majority colliding with themselves above the planets stratosphere, with the debris creating the planet's ring system that would remain around Ri'Vanni for the rest of its history in 6,722,500,630 BCE, even birthing several Shepard moons in between the rings.

The planet would remain untouched by any intragalactic civilization for billions of years, even the once galaxy conquering Etymology was seemingly unaware of the planet's existence, and or didn't care to colonize it, which seems unlikely. However it would eventually be discovered by the Katya, one of the species that would rise to prominence after the aforementioned civilization's destruction in 487,570,026 BCE. Its native flora would begin to appear on its surface around this time as well.. Once discovered it would be the only body to be colonized by the species, and sparsely at that, with them only creating a single city around the planet's icecap known as Murum, as it was seen as a minor colony world at the time.

Over time, the native Katya would evolve white fur thanks to the lower light they receive compared to their original home world of Gata-Terram, and they would grow to be shorter thanks to Ri'vanni's fairly low surface gravity. Ultimately culminating in 19,800 BCE, fairly quick for evolution. And with the fall of the larger Katya theocracy thanks to fragmentation, this new species would be locked to Ri'Vanni's borders.

Later on, the Ko'rr belief structure would begin to form, as they thought that the city of Murum was an ancient creation of a god like being they latched to the respective icecap it was placed around. And of course, as we would all come to know, they would place themselves into three different factions with wildly different ideals when it came to how the ice operated as, creating three more cities on the surface known as Atra'Bah, Tsaj'Bah, and Roya'Bah respectively.

This existence would be forcefully interrupted by the intervention of a much more powerful third party, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems as they believed that the species and planet was in violation of a doctrine they referred to as the: "Common Decency of Intelligent Life." Thus annexing the species and larger planet into the Ambrosia Alliance in 10,489 CE.

This angered several Ko'rr, ultimately rebelling against them only four standard years later. At first, this rebellion was fairly successful, with the weaker party's knowledge of Ri'Vanni's massive forests in a sort of gorilla warfare. However this success would only last so long, thanks to the actions of a deluded man who was in command of the Ambrosia Alliance's occupation of Ri'Vanni. This individual, known as a one: "Taylor Carolina" would commit horrible atrocities to the Ko'rr people, with the most prevalent to the planet proper being the melting of the icecap that all Ko'rr held sacred, causing several to take their own lives in grief. This event would be known colloquially as: "The Night the Cold Wept" for obvious reasons, and the rebellion would end as quickly as it began in 10,493 CE.

Taylor Carolina would later be found guilty of war crimes by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems and would be executed in 10,494 CE. The Ko'rr would also be payed sufficient reparations for the event, and a large memorial building would be placed in the icecap's former location, with the large plaque at the building's center reading the following: "Let none forget what was done on February 14th 10,493 CE. The monster responsible is no more, but the horrors he left behind will be remembered throughout all time. Let no evil such as this ever occur under our watch again. Let us be better."

Now, Ri'Vanni has become the capital planet of the Ko'rr in the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems.

Ri'Vanni Map (2)

Map of Ri'Vanni.

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