Colonized in 2405, Ringo Terra is a temperate E-class planet orbiting Beta Virginis, 35 lightyears from Earth.


It is the fourth planet orbiting Beta Virginis in the Virgo constellation.

Ringo Terra has 6 moons, two of which, are S-class worlds similar to Luna, as well as beautiful ring, likely formed by an ancient moon.


The planet was discovered in 2146 and was considered to be a good candidate for life as it is in the habitable zone of its star.

Sadly, no life was found when an FTL probe reached it in 2147. However, unicellular life was found inhabiting the skies of the ice giant Polu, the system's 8th planet.

Initially, Ringo Terra was mostly ignored, as a space station was set up around Polu to study the microscopic life dwelling within its atmosphere.

In 2405, Ringo Terra was eventually colonized and terraformed due of its potential as a colony world and soon became a popular tourist attraction because of the stunning views of its two moons and rings in the sky.


The citizens of Ringo Terra live in idyllic suburb-like areas. Others live in small houses amongst the vast countrysides, some owning their own farms.

Its capital, Ringopolis, is unique for a city as it is ring shaped with the suburbs being in the middle instead of outside, giving it a reputation for being a creative design for a city. Ringopolis is also a famous tourist destination for this exact reason.

Ringo Terra is known for being very efficient, for example, every house there has solar panels on their roofs and various turbines can be found in the countrysides, similar to Albion. Solar powered cars are also widely used here as well.

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