Rings is a restaurant franchise established in 3325 CE. All are located in or around Saturn.

Its name is of course based off of Saturn's huge and beautiful rings.


Rings is the 2nd most successful restaurant in the Sol System next to The Red Spot. Edward "Eddie" Lassaint was inspired by The Red Spot due to its success in the Jupiter system. Due to his father's gambling debt, Eddie and his family were on the poorer side.

Applying for a loan from one of the more powerful banks in the Sol System, he was approved for a loan. In an empty lot in Cronosopolis.


Unlike The Red Spot, Rings focuses on more human cuisine, with some extraterrestrial foodstuffs on the menu as well. The main food they feature is:





Mushroom cream soup


Hopanian Seaweed (tastes similar to earth seaweed but with more Vitamin A and contains a salty flavor It is also rich in potassium, iron, calcium, iodine and magnesium, which are minerals concentrated in seawater similar to Earths seawater.)

Cocktails, Beer And wine.


All Rings restaurants include an upstairs outdoor feature to see the rings with Refractor telescopes.

The entry cost is 12 C-Units.


Rings old

Rings very first Logo until 3978 CE

Eddie Lassaint was an American Astronomer who moved to Saturn to try and save his family from starvation.

It took an week for the restaurant to get noticed until a small family came in and ate. The family rated the restaurant 5 stars and was shared to interplanetary social media. With this positive review, more people came to eat and enjoy the clear view of Saturns rings. Eddie made about 5 trillion C-Units over the course of his life and bought himself an HQ building in Cronopolis. Eddie also decided to spread his restaurants all over the floating cities near Saturns rings.

Rings 3987

The 2nd variation from 3978 CE until 4000 CE

Eddie Lassaint has successfully made 9 Trillion C-Units with over 67,000 Locations spread around the Saturnian system.

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