Ringvas is the fifth planet of the Ringo-Stella System of the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a cold D-Class world with various forms of flora spread amongst its entire surface.

It served as the birthplace of the Ringvarite in 711,000,000 BCE.


Ringvas is a rather famous planet amongst the Ambrosia Alliance of United System's populace and this is due to a couple of factors.

The first and most important of which would be that it serves as the home world of the Ringvarite, an artificial being created by the Etymology in 711,000,000 BCE

And the second would be the planets inherent appearance being viewed as beautiful by many. As well, the planet's natural flora is quite unique compared to other worlds.


The geography of Ringvas consists of one massive forest filled with countless different forms of flora. As well, large jagged mountains and canyons crisscross across this forest.

Several massive dried up lake beds are located on the surface as well, since the planet was once a desert world with several lakes across its surface.


Ringvas is fairly cold, with a mean average temperature of -74 degrees Celsius this shouldn't come as a shock. However, other then the temperature itself, the climate of Ringvas is quite hospitable to most intelligent species.

The planet is fairly windy, with the average wind speeds given at any point in time is around fourteen kilometers an hour.


The main tenant of Ringvas would be the Ringvarite, they usually exist in their cloud like form, stretching itself around the planet and making it appear purple from space, while having various other versions of them self across the multitude of worlds under the Ambrosia Alliance's domain.

As well, a population of around two billion made up of the various other species in the Ambrosia Alliance lives there.


The planet's culture under the Ambrosia Alliance of United System's control is fairly unique, with it mostly revolving around the Ringvartie them self as they are the primary resident of the planet.

The various other intelligent species of Ringvas often get quite frustrated at the Ringvarite due to its nature of constant need for positive validation and attention. But thanks to the beauty of the planet's flora and the price of living on world being rather inexpensive, they often just tolerate it.


Ringvas' life consists of countless different forms of flora. These vary in size from tiny flecks of grass-like organisms, to massive mountain sized tree-like organisms. During the planet's night time, these plants glow with a blue light due to bioluminescence that can even be seen from space.

This flora has made Ringvas quite the popular tourist destination across the Ambrosia Alliance due to its many unique features.

The most notable life form on the planet has to be the aforementioned Ringvarite, though it being called "life" can be a source of debate.


Ringvas formed from the debris of the planetary accretion disk created with the formation of its parent star, Ring-Stella B in 11,0022,009,000 BCE. After its formation, the planets surface would begin to cool down, forming one massive desert that is spread across the entire surface.

At first, Ringvas formed alongside a sister world roughly the same size in diameter, these two worlds would form a dual-planet system with each other, but due to Ringvas being the slightly larger of the two, it was the planet in the system, while this unnamed sister world was the moon.

In 8,500,867,780 BCE, the Ringo-Stella B system would be gravitationally attracted to another celestial object. This would be Ringo-Stella A, a nearby white dwarf star that emits massive amounts of gravity in all directions. Once becoming fully ensnared in the star's gravity, Ringo-Stella B and all its planets would form a binary star system with Ringo-Stella A.

Once in this new binary system, the moon of Ringvas' dual-planet system would drift towards Ringvas and would enter within its roche limit, ultimately tearing itself apart and forming the massive ring system we see today. It would also release a fair amount of heat into Ringvas' atmosphere, drying up the various lakes on the planet's surface.

Much later, the various forms of flora life would begin to form on the surface in 5,790,249,207 BCE. As well, it would capture the two former dwarf planets, Fratem and Domni respectively in 3,469,019,445 BCE.

In 711,000,000 BCE, Mystara of the Ten Supreme Authorities of the Etymology would select Ringvas as the site for one of her numerous projects. It would be chosen due to it being unmapped and uncolonized by the larger Etymology at the time, since this was a project she wanted to keep away from the other members of the Ten Supreme Authorities. This project would be the infamous Ringvarite, an artificial being made up of trillions of nano-machines, allowing it to reform itself as billions of individual structures. Once it was completed, Mystara would have one of her many artificial bodies tend to the Ringvarite, running various scenarios in their artificial consciousness. And she would continue to do this, until' she fled the Ambrosia Galaxy in 670,294,050 BCE.

Afterwards, the Ringvarite would remain on Ringvas until' the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would discover both Ringvas, and the Ringvarite them self in 10,706 CE. Once joining the aforementioned civilization, the various peoples of the Ambrosia Alliance would establish colonies across Ringvas.

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