Riniuop is the fifth planet of the Ugura System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a cool D-Class world. Riniuop, roughly translated, means: "royal"


Riniuop is a cool desert world with a dynamic landscape of mountains, canyons, and impact craters. Originally, the planet had several lakes across its surface. However these would gradually dry up, leaving their ancient lake beds on the surface for millions of years.

It is the largest terrestrial planet in the Ugura System. It is so large that it is the fifth largest body in the system, including its parent star.

The desert world is very geologically active. Massive earthquakes constantly batter the surface. While large volcanoes and lava flows are spread far and wide.

The planet has a ring system made up of ten thin bands of rock and ice particles. This ring system was created when a small ice moon of Riniuop, around four hundred and fifty kilometers in diameter, named Spirwaw, entered the planet's rouche limit in 5601 BCE, tearing the moon apart. The ring system would be given the name: "Spirwaw Dihona", meaning: "Nobility Dishonor".

This event was actually witnessed by the ancient Ugnara. However It was construed as the god Riniuop, destroying the god Spriwaw, who was the god of nobility and was believed to be the arbiter of those who entered as the next leader of the Ugnara Kingdom, for choosing Rinioup Drywig the thirty third as the next queen of the Ugnara. This was because she was believed to be the worst in history. After this is it was believed that the god chose Drywig god of Valor, as the next arbiter.

The planet has no colonies on its surface. Instead, the only structure that exists on the surface is a mausoleum of those who lead the Ugnara Kingdom, and their family members. This mausoleum is named Rinioup-Haka, or, Royal's Heart.

No Ugnara, other then leaders of the Ugnara Kingdom, or their family members, are allowed to visit the planet. If one tries they will be immediately taken into custody by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems.

In Ugnarain Mythology, Riniuop was the god of royalty. It was the only god to not have a specific sex as it was believed that royalty had no gender, as such, the deity was worshiped as an incorporeal entity. The deity had two aspects of its personality that manifested into entities of their own right. These entities were named Drywig, and Spriwaw and were worshiped as the gods of Valor and Nobility respectively. It also had two: "heavenly protectors" named Krivwo and Owdara. These two entities would smite all those who were leaders of the Ugnara Kingdom, but were not worthy of the Ugnara throne and send their souls into the underworld.


Riniuop formed with the formation of its star, Ugura, in 3,026,000,000 BCE. Its two major moons, Drywig and Spriwaw would form with it. Its gravity would also capture the two dwarf moons, Krivwo, and Owdara during its formation as well.

Throughout the 1,000,000,000 BCEs the many lakes on its surface would begin to dry up due to the planets once thick atmosphere gradually becoming more and more disperse. By 970,000 BCE, all liquid on the surface had been eroded away.

Around 5601 BCE, the planet's major moon, Spriwaw would enter the planet's rouche limit after millions of years of being gravitationally pulled towards it. Once it entered the aforementioned rouche limit, it would be torn apart by the planet's gravity, becoming Rinioup's ring system Speiwaw Dihona.

Around 9780 CE the Ugnara would construct Rinioup-Haka, a mausoleum of Ugnara Kingdom leaders. After this, the bodies of these leaders, as well as their immediate family members would be brought there as their permanent resting place. Those who would die in the future would be brought there as well. After its construction, the Ugnara Kingdom would disallow any who are not a member of the Ugnara Kingdom Royal Family to enter the planet, by penalty of incarceration. Once the Ugnara Kingdom joined the Ambrosia Alliance, they would continue to enforce these laws.


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