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Riranuer (RS 4034-2724-7-1731191-145 4 in 9.7.3) is the fourth planet in its system. With an ESI of 0.953 it is a world remarkably similar to Earth. It is located in the outer regions of the galaxy NGC 334 and is the home of the Orukyten.

Riranuer has a diameter of 11400 km (7083 mi). It orbits its parent star, a K4V orange dwarf, which the locals call Arooh, at a distance of about half a standard AU, meaning its year is more than half a terrestrial year at around 142 days. The local day is around 2.3 terrestrial days. Thanks to this, the day side heats up more despite orbiting a cooler star and the night side cools down more. As a result, massive hurricanes form nearly constantly. Fortunately for the Orukyten they have adapted to their planet’s ferocity.

The planet is nearly two billion years older than Earth with a gravitational pull of 0.95 g and an atmospheric pressure nearly identical to that of Earth with a pressure of 1.008 atmospheres. It has a mean temperature of 23.6 °C (74.4 °F). Riranuer has four moons, the largest being a moon similar to Luna and the other three being captured asteroids. The Orukyten call their largest moon Tikoruah and named the other three Lararera, Latacu and Lavar, or the Three Sisters after a famous story in their mythology.

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The planet’s geological history is hard to determine considering the storms on the planet are nearly constantly washing all recent history into their small seas, plus the fact that there’s more land to explore than on Earth. What is known, however, is that the planet has been struck multiple times by large asteroids that are now deep blue seas. The planet is currently coming out of an ice age as is seen by the receding but still large polar ice caps.

The planet’s supply of oxygen comes from the large forests of the planet which account for most of the breathable air on Riranuer.
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