Riranuer is the fourth planet in its system. It is located in the outer regions of the galaxy NGC 334 and is the homeworld of the Orukyten.


Riranuer formed over six billion years ago around its parent star which the locals have called Arooh between two massive gas giants. Thus, the planet was mostly spared from the early bombardment.

The planet’s geological history is difficult to determine considering the storms on the planet are nearly constantly washing all recent history into their small seas. What is known, however, is that the planet has been struck multiple times by large asteroids that formed into deep landlocked oceans.

The planet’s supply of oxygen comes from the large forests of the planet which account for most of the breathable air on Riranuer.

The Orukyten began to evolve around 90,000 BCE near the deepest ocean on the planet, one of the remaining crater oceans and spread across the planet.

When humans first arrived in NGC 334 in 50891 Riranuer was one of the first planets that humans considered settling which nearly led to the destruction of the Orukyten sue to their ability to blend into the background as well as their appearance as an unusual arboreal life-form.


Riranuer an unusual world as the planet has an average temperature higher than Earth but it also has major ice caps which cover about a third of the planet. The planet experiences major storms which wash away the land nearly constantly. For this reason along with others, the Orukyten have not developed space travel and the Confederacy set aside the planet as a protectorate.
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