Designated as RG 0-5-25161-615, Rixxes is a barred spiral galaxy located 1.3 billion light years away from Earth. It's location in the galactic web places it inside the Rixxes Cluster with roughly four satellite galaxies within a 5 million light year radius from Rixxes.


Rixxes has been observed by extragalactic astronomers, such as Humans, for thousands of years but the galaxy remained unexplored by the extragalactic observers.

As noted by all civilisations, Rixxes is a spiral galaxy with a barred central bulge, similar to the Milky Way.

For thousands of years, Rixxes has been monitored, controlled and given law by the Republic of Rixxes, formed in 1027 BCE and remains powerful to this day. 

Galactic Neighbourhood

Rixxes lies 1.3 billion light years from the Milky Way at the edge of a galaxy filament. It is orbited by four other satellite galaxies, irregular and ellipitical, within 5 million light years of Rixxes. All the satellite galaxies have been partially explored by the Republic of Rixxes.

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