Roaur is a hot tidally locked S-Class world and is the first planet of the Ugura System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. Roaur, roughly translated, means "son".


Raour, like many dwarf planets, is a small world rich in minerals such as iron and gold. It holds several colonies with millions of people living on them, mining these resources. These colonies are primarily populated by Ugnara. Though being considered unremarkable by most, the Ugnara hold it in very high regard as something sacred.

Originally, Raour was part of a duel-planet system with its sister world, Ruaor. However over time the two gradually drifted apart, becoming independent bodies. It would also take the dwarf moon Penala with it.

Being tidally locked to its parent star, half of Raour exists within an infinite, extremely hot day, and the other half exists in a permanent state of immense cold.

The population on this dwarf planet is forced to be the same as that of its sister planet, Ruaor. This is because the Ugnara believe that if one world's population is higher then the other it will increase the births of males or females depending on which one has said higher population. In order to keep the balance between the two, both worlds are required to have a maximum population of twelve million.

In Ugnarian mythology, Raour was the personification of the male sex and the younger twin to Ruaor, the personification of the female sex. The two of them would be the first offspring of the mother creator god, Urgutu, and the father creator god, Ugura. When Raour came into being, the Ugnara, and all other life on Urgutu could be born with the male form. If a heterosexual Ugnara couple was wishing to have a son, then they would pray to Roaur in hopes of having one.


Roaur formed alongside its sister planet, Ruaor, during the formation of the star Ugura on 3,026,000,000 BCE. Its dwarf moon, Penala, would form alongside them.

Ever since their formation, the two Selena worlds would gradually drift apart. Ultimatley culminating around 1,400,400,000 BCE when the two would escape each other's gravity, becoming independent bodies. Its gravity would capture the dwarf moon Penala as well.

On 9988 CE, the Ugnara would land on the dwarf planet. After mapping out and exploring the surface it was discovered that the twilight region of the dwarf planet could have colonies constructed within it in relative protection from the blistering heat and radiation produced by Ugura. Thus on 10006 CE, construction of colonies across the aforementioned twilight area began. The first of these colonies was completed on 10026 CE.

Once the Ugnara Kingdom joined the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, Raour would join Q.U.I. An organization that exists for the progress and betterment of Ambrosia Alliance controlled mining colonies.


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