Homeworld of the Orcians. Rocia (RS 3683-14-8-9642263-140 2) is a frozen T-Class planet in the Amatria galaxy about 6.7 million light years away from Earth.


Rocia observed from beyond it's icy ring system where hundreds of artificial satellites orbit.


Rocia is a frozen world with a mass 7 times the Earth and a diameter 2 times the Earth. It has gravity 1.63 times the Earth, affecting the lifeform's height and physical structure. Orbiting every 5.9 years at a distance of 3 AU from two suns makes the planet extremely cold with an average temperature of around -196 C. The planet itself is then orbited by eight moons, four ice worlds and another four asteroid moons; includes two shepard moons and two captured asteroids.


Life first appeared after the first 150 million years of it's formation. The first lifeforms were tiny microbes that swam in lakes and ponds that reproducing via binary fission; splitting apart into two cells after gaining enough mass. In 6 billion years, there have been 4 mass extinctions, including the most recent which occured 40 million years ago after a comet crashed into Rocia, creating one of the lakes seen today.

Almost 16,000 years ago was the sentience revolution: the rise of the Orcians; a reptillian-humanoid with the same intelligence as Humans. Their technology vastly improved over a few thousand years which soon allowed for the Industrial and Space Revolution roughly 250 years apart. As of today, their terroritory extends to the far reaches of the Amatria galaxy.

In the last 9,000 years, the Orcians have explored and observed alien planets within their own galaxy and soon became the galactic rulers of the Amatria galaxy. Less than a millenia ago wormhole drives were developed and allowed the species to cross intergalactic distances, eventually leading to their first intergalactic invasions and battles with other civilisations.

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