Named after the ancient supercontinent on Earth, Rodinia is a temperate moon orbiting a large blue gas giant in the Triangulum galaxy.

In Mhera mythology, Rodinia means "The Mother Planet", similar to the Russian meaning "The Motherland". A few thousand years ago, stories were told to Mherian children who were mostly taught by these stories. These ancient stories have remained abandoned due to the ever expanding influence of the Mhera into outer space.

Rodinia is the central planet of the Rodinian Republic which ruled the galaxy for three thousand years.


Shortly after the invention of the Wormhole Drive in 9952, small organisations opened up several wormhole highways, in attempt to find new worlds to colonize. Young woman and former gambler Bella Campbell led a team into a wormhole which had brought them to an old star system; little did they know, a civilisation was developing on a moon. Mhera radar systems had detected an unidentified object roughly a light year from their world.

A small search party was sent to the mysterious object and rummaged through the starship. They found the starship was equiped with a wormhole drive, something they couldn't create with their technology. The crew, including Bella, had stepped out to reveal themselves. First contact between Humanity and Mhera had been made in 9977.

Life & Climate

Rodinia's climate is similar to Earth's: hurricanes can be spawned - wind speeds of 140 mph - and other weather systems such as water rain and snow and lightning storms. These have allowed life to adapt to these conditions for billions of years. Rain is common on Rodinia, while snow is slightly rarer. 

Life on Rodinia ranges from microbes to Dinosaur-like creatures. The largest and tallest of them all is the Meriar; its roar is louder than the ancient T-Rex on Earth - it can be heard four miles away. Microbes like Ory can survive in the vacuum of space for thousands of years without feeding.

The Mhera are shorter than humans, despite the weaker gravity. An average height of 1.4 meters for both genders. They can withstand wind speeds of 100 mph. While in heavy rain or snowfall, their eyes are not affected, therefore, they can survive very well in extreme conditions. Underwater, they can hold their breathe for roughly two hours. Reproduction can properly start after fourteen years of age. Most couples on the moon decide to raise a family after twenty years of age.

Moon System

Rodinia is a moon of the blue gas giant Ferin. Orbiting the gas giant are another 28 moons, captured billions of years ago. Rodinia's orbit is not inclined with almost zero eccentricity which means an eclipse occurs that engulfs the entire moon.

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