A mutated Danuil and inhabitant of Isadanh.


Shorter than their Danuil brethren and stouter due to having to live in confined spaces beneath the mountains, the Roknoir show a resemblance to fantasy dwarves of human myth and story. They have four limbs, each with five digits. They also are generally brown eyes with long curly brown hair and long beards. They have had to re-evolve body hair to protect against the cold of the caves they live in. They are the only known species aside from the Danuil who are known to be genetically compatible with humans.


Their history began over 14000 years ago. Shortly after the Northern and Southern Danuil established a peaceful relationship with each other a virulent plague erupted across the planet. The Danuil managed to discover a vaccine but not a cure. They exterminated the infected but some managed to flee to the equatorial mountains where they sealed themselves in the large caverns carved by the Isadanh mountain worms.

The first few generations were nothing but savages, hunting and gathering among the mountain animals. However, as time went on, the virus’ effects on the intelligence of the new species began to lose its hold. They began to build small meat farms in some of the underwater lakes, farming animals like one would farm a plant. They began to form their own new language.

Because of their new surroundings each new generation seemed to be shorter until they were short enough to stand upright within the glowing tunnels of their new underground civilization.

As time passed they built massive cities from the rocks of the mountains as well as forming many kingdoms, many of which warred with each other for supplies and food as well as mineral deposits. They knew of the outside but rarely exited their caves and if they did so it was only at night when there were either little or no moons out. They also knew of the Danuil but didn’t plan to bother them.

However after the Lothlórien Incident they established a few diplomatic ties with their distant relatives as well as with the humans. They have since expanded and have sent out colonies to the northern and southern mountain ranges of the planet as well as having made plans for mining colonies on the moons of their world.


The Roknoir culture, while younger than that of the Danuil, is still rich in history and tradition. As the Roknoir are former mutated Danuil, they possess a few commonalities with the Danuil physically. Thanks to the virus messing with the personalities of the infected they became more carnivorous. They also enjoy mining for precious mines and jewels. They also enjoy making weapons, jewelry and armor for their battles with the beasts that live in the inner caverns of the equatorial mountains.

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