The Roknoir are descendants of the Isan race of Isadanh and a member species of the Thulcandran Federation.


Shorter than their Danuil counterparts due to having to live in confined spaces beneath the mountains, the Roknoir are remarkably different than the Danuil, one of the main difference being their lack of body hair due to their fondness for living underground. Due to the lack of plant live underground, the Roknoir have evolved sharp teeth with which to tear at their primary source of food, underground animals.

Roknoir have also evolved a type of echolocation due to having to exist in complete darkness. However, the bioengineered existence of glowing lichen on the walls of most Isadanh caves gives the Roknoir heightened sense of sight.


Not much would be known of Roknoir early history had the Thulcandran Federation not studied the underground race. Up until their reintroduction to the surface in 110578 the Roknoir remained mostly a hunter-gatherer society up until around the year 109101 when a large group discovered a massive cave system in which they began building a vast underground network of small towns and cities all centered around that particular cave system. By the time contact was reestablished, the Roknoir were at a technological level on par to medieval Europe.

By 110820 they had, with help from the Danuil, reached the technological level of early 20th century humanity when a fierce plague swept across the planet. killing millions in months. It was later discovered that the source of the plague was a broken vial of self-reproducing nanites which had been programmed by the geneticists as a warning to their subjects. The nanites were stored in a secret location which, unfortunately, some Roknoir had discovered that year. The planetary inhabitants went on virtual lockdown until a cure for the plague could be found.

It took nearly a thousand years for the inhabitants to recover but the two races eventually unlocked the secrets of Warp technology in 129008 and were promptly contacted by the Thulcandran Federation, upon which the truth of their origins was revealed. They are currently full fledged member species of the Federation.

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