Rylehcastra is a frozen T-class world in Xenscara. It orbits Rhen every 79.191 years. It has rings that are most easily visible from the surface. Rylehcastra is covered almost completely covered in plants. The terrain is smooth and very flat. The deepest ocean is only a few miles deep. However, the beaches are covered in pointy rocks.


Rylehcastra was seen as a planet in need of special aid by Scenth. With selection and heavily increased evolution, they helped the organisms of Rylehcastra transition to land. Since then, the genes added by the PoluNebsii Advanced Evolution Manipulators (PNAEM for short) have led to some very odd abilities. Maodiuns are fish that hover out of the water. Odikarels are able to completely muffle their sounds. Ryleiths,  the main population, has the most interesting abilities. PNAEM derived them from Maodiuns, adding lungs and legs. More terrestrial features were added to make sure they would be best suited to land. Ryleiths are reptillian. When intelligence and better vision were added, Ryleiths were considered complete. They wandered Rylehcastra for the next 4.8 million years and evolved their social structure enough to be considered "ready" by Scenth. Scenth sent some ambassadors to attempt to recruit Rylehcastra for the Council. Ryleiths can instantly translate any language, so they quickly accepted within 2 days instead of the expected time of 5 years. Translations are hard.
Rylehcastra map

Rylehcastra's map with the coloration of the atmosphere

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