"Levitation, instantaneous translation, light manipulaton, and other powers have been sought after by many species in Scenth . However, none could alter their own kind. Ryleiths are everything that PNAEM wanted. They have amazing powers, beautiful singing voices, and food so delicious that you'd never eat anything else again if you could. Why I was frowned upon for living here, I know not." -Evkoba Entonear , 2023 CE


Ryleiths are met with confusion by humans . They look similar to Cthulu in both the head and skin. That and the planet name Rylehcastra lead people to believe that the Cthulu mythos was started by a Ryleith who attempted to contact humanity in early times. Ryleiths have a  wide range of skin tones, as well as various patterns on their foreheads that correspond with their eye color. They have three eyes. Ryleiths have the ability to rotate their wrists in any direction up to 270°. They have four fingers, one of which is opposable up to 235°. They have 2 rows of sharp teeth that are naturally ice-blue. Ryleiths also have a thick tail that has 17 joints.


Ryleiths have some level of manipulative abilities. These abilities have manifested as such:

  • Levitation up to 4 feet off of a solid surface
    • can levitate anything they are holding as well
    • caused by an organ that electrically charges them, causing them to float like a magnetic train
  • Instant translation and learning of languages
    • can only learn up to 43 at one time
  • Wave manipulation
    • Can manipulate the waves of their environment to create illusions
      • sound, light, kinetic, etc.
      • brainwaves can also be altered to induce emotions, visions, etc.
    • only while singing
      • radius is affected by volume
        • max observed: 30 ft
  • Prophetic visions
    • Still rare in the species, very vague information.

Other Abilities seen as significant:

  • Hyperextendable joints
  • Expert singing voices
  • Absolutely perfect accent imitation.
    • Have to have heard it at least once.
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