Sa'Kia, also referred to as Bak-Tala'Choko (Light bearer) by Chark'Lish Xa'Thins, is a yellow dwarf located near the center of the M110 galaxy. Sa'Kia is primarily known for housing the Xa'Thin homeworld, Lo'Kira, as well as many other interesting objects such as Vo'Da, Qui'Nar, Kel'Oda, Hol'Usk, and El'Ora. Countless amounts of historical monuments, cities, and interesting solar, planetary, and lunar sites dot many areas of the Sa'Kian system.

Sa'Kia also has many structures around it, including a dyson swarm, which was constructed at around 2400 CE. Since its construction, the dyson swarm has supplied for over 99% of the power in the Sa'Kia system.

Planets List

Planets of Sa'Kia
Name Population Number of Moons
Chik'Wa 307 Million 3
Hol'Usk 2 Billion 4
Vo'Da 13 Billion 5
Lo'Kira 14.9 Billion 5
Ra'Nia 1.5 Trillion 72
Ko'Lak 780 Million 4
Zia'Rusk 500 Billion 22
El'Ora 3 Billion 1
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