Sabazios (RS 8474-694-7-16434-83 B4 in Space Engine is fourth planet of Zagrei Secundus and human colony to be estabilished in Zagrei System.


Physical and orbital characteristics 

Sabazios,an tidally locked temperate E-class world, orbits Zagrei Secundus in 45.646 earth days at a semimajor axis of 0.2 au. It weights 0.55987 M⊕  and has a radius of 0.814505 R⊕. It has an average density of 5.7049 g/cm^3 and a gravity of 0.84487 g. Despite being moonless, it is the most Earth-like planet of system with an ESI of 0.936.


With an axial tilt of only 1°52'50''.73, there are no discernible seasons. The average surface is 18.144°C. Sabazios is very flat, differences between temperatures of dayside and nightside is low.


Before colonization and terraforming, the thin atmosphere (0.109 atm) was composed of 89.2 % carbon dioxide, 9.9 % water vapours, 0.468 % methane,0.172 % sulphur dioxide and traces of etylene,hydrogen sulfide,ethane,acetylene and carbon ammonia. After terraforming, the atmospheric pressure was changed to 0.8 atm and its changed compositin to 71 % nitrogen, 27.5 % oxygen, 1.468 % water vapours and 0.032 % carbon dioxide.


Humans began to terraform Sabazios in 3093 with the same means as Kogaion. The early comes form different human worlds leading to multicultural society. Two wars between christians and muslims have been fought on its surface. This was devasted the colony's surface and have reduced significantly this world population. This was resulted to a general discontent of religion to Sabazios' natives. Only 0.3 % of sabazians are religious.


1 billions people called Sabazios home in 22,039. The early colonists came from various human world such as Earth,Mars,Venus,Martopia,Heritage and many other world. Almost all sabazians (99.7 %) are atheist a reaction to former religious conflicts on this planets.  Like other colonies of Zagrei System it was under control of Brotherhood of Zalmoxes after First Galactic War and its reunification with Confederacy of Humanity


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