The Sagittarius dwarf Spheroidal galaxy (Sag Sph for short) is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way, and is controlled by Commonwealth, the Shev'ra, the Confederacy of Humanity, the Confederation of Cerberus, and a few Class I civ's. Though the Confederacy owns the largest portion being 40%, the Shev'ra owns about 30% while the Confederation of Cerberus own 24% and next being the Xa'Thins, owning about 2% of the galaxy. The rest being left to Class 1 Civs.

It is also home to the thriving Shevin race who are close allies of Humanity.


In 1994 CE, the Sag dSph galaxy was discovered by Humanity. It was claimed to officially be the closest galaxy to the Milky Way.It was seen very clearly by advanced telescopes. In 5391, the Confederacy of Humanity colonized the first planet within the Sag dSph. The Confederation of Cerberus is currently exploring the galaxy and is colonizing any planets/moons that are habitable. Sag dSph is currently heading to collide with the Milky Way, though not much will happen.

In 5483 CE, the Shevins, a mid type 2 civilization was discovered and are now very close allies of Humanity.


The most notable systems/planets in this galaxy are:

  • Aya system
  • Hestia system
  • Rasa system (Info coming soon)
  • Kaige system (Info coming soon)
  • Safegarde system (Info coming soon)
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