The Sagittarius Space Station, otherwise known as the S.S.S. is the largest space station in the Milky Way. It is a major center of trade and diplomacy within the Confederacy.


Constructed in 14918 CE, the S.S.S. is composed of four spheres the size of a main sequence star, one in the middle, three on the outside in a perfect triangle shape, although the one on the middle is slightly larger. Each of these spheres is filled with laboratories, shops, holo-rooms etc. Each is connected by small indestructible tubes. The sphere in the middle is known as the Alpha Sphere, and the others are known as the Beta, Gamma and Delta Spheres. These four spheres each had twelve Jovian sized spheres attached to them, with a thousand Earth sized spheres attached to them as well. Each of these spheres is an artificial planet where entire civilizations have formed. It is the home of the infamous Sagittarius Bar and Grill, the largest and most famous bar and grill in the known universe.

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