The Salis Cluster is a supercluster controlled by both The Supreme and DELYATU. This cluster has a volume of over 144 thousand galaxies, making it around the same size as the Laniakea Supercluster. This cluster was a gift from the CoB to The Supreme and DELYATU for their contributions to The War for All. It is unlawful for any other empires to colonize anything in this cluster.



51% Irregular Galaxies

29% Spiral Galaxies

20% Spiral Galaxies

Intelligent Life

It is estimated that there are over 100000 Self-aware species in this area not including those in The Tloinin galaxy. These are estimated to have a population of over 500 septillion individuals. Those under the control of the Supreme would most likely be secretly exterminated or deported to DELYATU controlled space. Those under the control of DELYATU would most likely be given basic rights (besides voting) and protection. There are 40 type-III civilizations in the supercluster. Most of which have either been annexed or disbanded by both The Supreme and DELYATU.

The Supreme has destroyed 100s of smaller civilizations due to its distaste for non-tloinin-self-ware life forms.


There is one large deposit of antimatter located in the Salis Cluster, called the Thezos Galaxy. Much like the Archurion, it is largely unknown on how it survived for so long. The antimatter in the Thezos Galaxy is mainly dust, with a few dense clusters forming and dissipating over the years.


The Galaxies all have wormholes leading to them from Tloinin. Each galaxy has a massive SSPGD over their central supermassive black hole. There are billions of Dyson swarms and production facilities throughout the cluster. Right now, only sixty percent of the cluster is colonized while the rest is still barely explored.

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