The Samian Hivemind was a social democracy situated in the outer edge of the Silver Halo Galaxy nearly 900 million light years away from Earth. Its government funds the infamous Hivemind, which serves as an archive of citizens' data and an internet network. It was founded in 6500 BCE on the planet Sama, and collapsed in 2500 BCE.

Chrsa was its primary religion for thousands of years.

Political Structure

Historically, the head of states' for most nations on Sama were held by the position of Supreme Lord or Supreme Lady. During the founding in 6500 BCE, the war survivors came together and signed the Samian Union Act, merging all nations into a union, while preserving some autonomy. The first Supreme Lord was elected with an overwhelming majority, placing the Imperialist Party into government and the Social Democratic Party into opposition.

Elections take place once every ten years, although the head of state can call for an earlier one if the situation requires it. Each political party attempts to take the most votes, which then translates into a certain number of seats in Parliament. A majority of at least 350 seats is needed to serve in government. Otherwise, the opposition party is called on to form a government, or another election is called.

Serving in each seat is a Representative for Parliament. They represent their local area and vote on bills that are brought to Parliament.

Although it's rarely done, some Supreme Lords/Ladies have been impeached and removed from office. This has only been done six times. A motion of no confidence is usually the go to method when ousting the head of state.

Political Parties

The Hivemind served like a two-party system, despite the existence of multiple political parties. The two main parties were the Imperialist Party and the Social Democratic Party. There was little support for the other parties, since the Imperialists and Social Democrats were always polling very high.

An exception occurred for the 56th Supreme Lady, who was elected for the Communist Party. Despite her attempts to shake up the political system and revolutionise the economy, she was eventually ousted in a vote of no confidence.


The Hivemind's military force is divided between the Armed Forces and Shadow Units. The Armed Forces, at its peak, had over 1 trillion troops enlisted. Destroyers included the Exterminator and Annihilator classes.

Shadow Units

Only troops who served for more than 15 years were allowed to serve as a Shadow Unit. They were primarily used in covert operations, such as capturing and arresting wanted criminals, and sometimes police forces called them in to assist situations that involved violence and mass murder.

Exterminator-class Destroyer

The Exterminator-class Destroyers were effective in orbital bombardment and firing a couple of antimatter warheads at a time. The front of the destroyer is the landing hangar, which is surrounded by a generated force field. Further back, there were dormitories and kitchens. Leading further up, and with a view of the hangar, was where the command bridge rested, connected to the captain's quarters.

Annihilator-class Destroyer

The Annihilator-class Destroyers were used primarily for conventional and cyber warfare. Usually, they were on the front lines and served as landing ground for star fighters and star bombers. It was usually these destroyers that led fleets, protecting the Exterminator-class Destroyers behind them.


10000 BCE - 6500 BCE

For three and a half thousand years, the Samian civilisation grew, expanding into every corner of the planet and reaching a population of 8 billion by 2500 BCE. Their culture was largely based on the matriarchy that dominated its society.

In 6534 BCE, the natives to the northern hemisphere fought back against the Kingdoms and overthrew the Kings and Queens that ruled them. Temporary governments were installed before elections were called, the first in recorded history. Even during the 34 years before the Hivemind was founded, there was still unrest in the streets. The leaders and politicians were eventually, and ironically, overthrown themselves, who failed to meet the people's demands. The new leaders went to the negotiating table and signed the Samian Union Act, beginning a new era in Samian history.

6500 BCE – 2500 BCE

Taking place over a period of 4,000 years, the Samian Hivemind maintained control for the vast majority of it. Beginning with the Samian Union Act, nations came together and established an global economic and military alliance, similar to the European Union on planet Earth. Military action was rarely ordered, due to the friendly and diplomatic nature of the Samians. Despite that, they constructed an army ensuring the safety of their people and sovereignty.

Data Network & Archive

The Hivemind is funded by the public, as part of the welfare state. Taxes paid by the citizens not only go towards other public services but towards the Hivemind to keep it active. In emergency situations, the Supreme Lady or Lord can allocate a certain amount of money towards it to prevent total shutdown.

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