The Sartins are the most dominant and intelligent species on the planet Aketi. They are a Type-II civilization as measured on the Kardashev Scale.


Sartins first appeared on Aketi about 3.5 million years ago on the dark, icy side of the planet. They thrived here for 1.2 million years until about 1.8 million years ago when the dark side of the planet experienced a sudden global warming event that pushed the evolution of Sartins towards the brighter, stormy side of the planet. On the night side, Sartins had used their bioluminescent lights on their foreheads to see in the constant darkness. Since they moved towards the day side, they no longer use it but it still serves a use in darkness.

About 1.7 million years ago, the global population of Aketi was 6 million but very suddenly diminished to less than a hundred thousand when the super-volcano Taka had erupted. The population had gradually increased by the thousands every year since then.

Approximately 210,000 years ago, Sartins developed intelligence with an average IQ of 10, becoming hunter-gatherers. About 7,500 years ago, Sartins began to develop their own agriculture such as farming plants and animals. Sartins began constructing shelters and villages about 3,000 years ago and their first cities with skyscrapers as tall as 500 meters were constructed over 800 years ago.

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