Saturn (also known as "Sky Mother" by Xa'Thins) is a frigid J-Class world with magnificent features that are rarely seen in any other planet found to date. These features have let Saturn become a major tourist attraction across the Sol System.

Saturn's features and structures are to be defined as grand. It has a glorious, almost silky yellowish-brown clouds in the upper atmosphere, with the strange properties of metallic hydrogen almost directly below. This substance acquires most of Saturn's mass, a hefty 99.9%.

Things in the upper atmosphere get a bit more sane and pretty. This is because of constant storms that look like perfect whirlpools, and a huge hexagonal storm on the north pole that has lasted millions of years.

Saturn's rings are a natural collection of ice particles that have been molded by Saturn and its small inner moons. These tiny moons have most likely come from the ring particles forming together.

If you were to eclipse the sun perfectly with Saturn, you would get an astounding, picturesque view of even the smallest ring details. One of these is the outer E ring, discovered not long after Humans sent their first probes to Saturn.

Saturn today has countless sky cities that normally go on tours to see great spots of Saturn's atmosphere or serve as a tourist hub. The biggest city on Saturn is Cronosopolis, which contains many billions of inhabitants that come to either refuel their ships, tour around the many museums, or come to stay. The area of Cronosopolis is about 43,381 km². This rivals the ancient country of Switzerland in sheer size.

Saturn is also the location of the famous Rings Franchise of restaurants.

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A simulated view of Cronosopolis in its outer parts.


The back of Saturn's rings. It possesses a magnificent, yet faint glow on the outer E ring.

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