Saturn is the seventh planet in the Sol System as well as a major tourist attraction. It's also has Rhea - a ringed moon.


Saturn is a frigid J-Class world which formed alongside its sister planets over four billion years ago. Much like other gas giants of its kind, Saturn has a rocky core which is composed of iron-nickel and rock. Above that is a layer of metallic hydrogen, an upper level of liquid hydrogen and helium followed by the outer gaseous layer visible from space.

Saturn's rings are a geologically new addition to the planet, having formed from the collision of approximately three different planetary bodies some 100 million years ago. The pieces coalesced into the current ring system seen today.

The first humans to visit Saturn did so during the Great Solar System Tour. During this time, samples were collected from the rings and tested, during which time it was discovered how many hypothetical planetary bodies collided in order to create the system.

The first floating city placed in the skies of Saturn was Cronosopolis which has an area currently of about 43,381 km². Much like the cities and floating continents on Jupiter, Saturn currently has many floating in the atmosphere with a global population of 98.7 billion.

Saturn is also the location of the famous Rings Franchise of restaurants.

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A simulated view of Cronosopolis in its outer parts.


The back of Saturn's rings. It possesses a magnificent, yet faint glow on the outer E ring.

Enceladus seen from saturn
Tethys seen from saturn
Dione seen from saturn
Rhea seen from saturn
Titan seen from saturn
Iapeus seen from saturn
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