Saya is a temperate E-Class planet found 1992 light years from the homeworld of the Humans planet Earth.


Saya viewed from several thousand kilometers away.

Discovered by Humanity in 3216 when a group of scientists on Earth detected a signal coming from the solar system. It took a month to decode the message and eventually scientists announced the discovery of another civilization called the Saiax.

Saiax are an early-Type II civilization, evolving on a temperate world with stronger gravity and a weaker atmospheric pressure.


With its discovery in 3216 by a group of scientists on Earth, the two civilizations never agreed to an alliance due to the Saiax's suspicous behaviour including millitary and citizens. However, the civilization does form the Saiax Confederacy which only includes their civilization.


A timeline of the evolution of Saiax evolution.


Before Common Era

6 Million BCE: Saiax ancestors appear.

250,000 BCE: The last super eruption occurs. 

30,000 BCE: Modern Saiax appear.

28,000 BCE: Saiax begin their civilization. 

1,000 BCE: Global population reaches 1 billion.

Common Era

2,100 CE: Saiax Confederacy founded.

3,216 CE: Discovery of the Humans.

10,000 CE: Global population reaches 30 billion.


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