Scenth is a star cluster within Xenscara that is home to 55 unique intelligent species. In an older language, "Scenth" means "defiant gods". The name stuck as the cluster became more advanced.

Physical Properties

Scenth itself is 4.78 light-years in diameter with 244 stars. Most of these are K-type stars. It has 2 black holes in the cluster, known by the natives of the cluster as Retashque-Aznuel (reh-TASH-kay AHZ-nyool) and Melu-Sakarash (MEH-loo seh-KAR-ash). However, Scenth's political influence stretches across the entire Scenatheer Nebula.


Scenth is so diverse, no culture is dominant except science itself. There is a formal language called Kerplexian that is spoken as a second language for interplanetary conversation. Each species typically has a dedicated job for Scenth. Scenth has a central council with five members of each species representing their worlds that makes the decisions and laws. This means the maximum amount of seats in the Council is 275.


Some of the more renowned species are:

  • Ski'pec (Smohera)
  • Noculae (We'slef)
  • Scarnoi (Scærnia)
  • Ryleiths (Rylehcastra)
  • (This is by no means a complete list; I will add to it later. :P)
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