The inner planet Boysen.

Schwarzschild's star was home to the largest exotic matter mining facility until the year 3013.


Schwarzschild's star is a neutron star system located 568 from the Sol system in the Perseus Constellation. Due to the systems low luminosity and distance it wasn't discovered until the year 2635 and wasn't explored until 2638 when it was found to hold large quantities of exotic matter composed of string energy arcs in the supernova debris.

The neutron star is orbited by a companion brown dwarf which has two planets. It is also orbited by two dwarf icy planets and a vast icy asteroid belt composed of debris from the ancient supernova. The largest deposits of string matter in the system are located on the inner planets orbiting the brown dwarf. However, high levels gamma radiation from Schwarzschild's star have made exploiting those deposits of exotic matter nearly impossible. The icy asteroid field however also contains large amounts of the matter and is much more easily accessible.


The first mining and research outpost was built in 2641 on the icy planet of Einstein. The outpost was controlled and guarded by the URSS military untill the year 2999 when it came under control of the Confederacy of Humanity. Its primary use was the fabrication of military warp drives. Now the outpost is under the control of the Perseus Mining Branch and provides exotic matter for several technology and manufacturing organizations.

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