Scipio is a very Hospitable planet in the Phoenix Galaxy. The planet serves as the capital of the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony, and is the most populous planet within the Neo-Terran Borders. By the end of the 100th millennium, even the hydrosphere become encased by sprawling cityscape. Nicknamed "The closest thing to earth on this side of the Universe" Or "Better Earth" The planet has received a reputation of being a quite nice place to live; as long as you choose the right spot.

The planet's population is separated into 2 classes; The upper class (Nobles, traders, CEOS and Officials) and the lower class (Slaves, Laborers, The dishonored and the unemployed.) The upper class lives on the surface in luxury apartments and highrises, while the lowerclass in underground slums and unmaintained prefab shelters. Because of Scipio's special status, there are more upperclass citizens than lowerclass citizens, a very rare sight in the highly stratified society.

(RS 0-5-14630-1097-3161-7-1038383-857 A4)

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