The Second Amatrian War, also known as Amatrian War II, is the second galactic war in the Amatria galaxy that lasted for 32 years between 9116 and 9148.

The war followed on from the end of the First Amatrian War in 9042 and was proceeded by the Third Amatrian War in 9357.


After the end of the First Amatrian War, the galaxy fell back into a relatively peaceful state with the two factions of the Amatrian Galactic Spherium at an even smaller stage than a century ago. One of the factions began nuclear tests on remote, newly discovered worlds, while the other faction was against these tests and rejected using such weapons. Tension had begun to rise again for the first time in a century.

Unlike the previous galactic war, there had not been a cold war leading up to the galaxy's second war. In the year 9116, tensions risen up to a breaking point where both factions declared war on each other due to fears of an imminent nuclear strike on a major colony.

Armies were sent to the battlefield to protect their worlds and bases, while starships and star fighters were sent into space to defend the planet from incoming troop transport ships and other starships. 

The war ended in the final days of the year 9148 after both leaders of each faction signed a treaty that would hopefully bring peace and justice to the galaxy forever... This, however, proved wrong in 9357 when the Third Amatrian War broke out. After the third galactic war, the Fourth Amatrian War had determined the true fate of the Orcians...

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