The second battle of Vosath'k was a battle between the forces of Confederacy of Humanity and the Gamos Independence Faction (GaIFa) fought on the O-class moon Vosath'k in the Ojsira system (RS 8409-1812-8-12631217-48 6.2 in


After successfully halting GaIFa advance in Ka Invidis and the arrival of Confederacy reinforcements, the morale of the Gamos loyalists were high. Prior to the Ka Invidis campaign the GaIFa had seized three loyalist systems including Ojsira. Ojsira's intensive asteroid mining facilities was deemed vital for the war effort of both parties and was hence made priority for recapture.

The GaIFa was aware of this fact and began fortifying mining facilities in Ojsira along with its main colony at Vosath'k. It moved some soldiers from systems secure from the reach of the confederate warp drives to frontline systems in order to repel any incoming assault.


The Confederate forces moved into Ojsira on January 3rd and recaptured multiple asteroid outposts in a series of skirmishes and battles. After securing the inner system mines, the Confederacy forces moved into a Vosath'k hypertrajectory.

During the course of these skirmishes the GaIFa troops on Vosath'k readied themselves for battle. Multiple traps and defense points were set up on Vosath'k's floating cities. Finally the Confederacy invaded the moon on February 17.


The Confederacy was met with high resistance before they could even land. With an orbiting anti-cruiser station intercepting the fleet, two cruisers were heavily damaged before the fleet could take down said station.

As they entered the atmosphere the GaIFa cruiser revealed itself and opened fire from behind the fleet, nearly destroying one cruiser before escaping the system. The damaged cruiser was forced to unload the troops it transported in a less strategic position before it had to be scuttled, causing significant casualties for them.

Nevertheless, the invaders outnumbered the defenders two to one and possess space superiority. Each ground assault was met with heavy resistance from the well-prepared GaIFa soldiers which managed to successfully repel multiple assaults and inflict significant losses. The Confederate forces eventually managed to break through most enemy defenses, but paying a heavy price. Slowly, GaIFa began to evacuate their troops, passing through the Confederate fleet which orbits in a single group.

The GaIFa last stand, the city of Ro-Rokhia C, was assaulted on February 28. The first wave of attackers were repelled by a mere batallion of the defenders, but the attackers continued the next day. About 60% of the city had been recaptured when an anti-air missile took down a confederate skylone from the sky-and into the city floater's generator facility. The facility was destroyed and the whole city, with about 10,000 humans on it including 7,800 civilians fell straight into the oceans of Vosath'k and were instantly crushed under 50 atm of pressure.


The unexpected end of the battle caused the GaIFa and the loyalists to make an informal truce. The massive loss of troops in the assaults also led to some military analysts to question the commanding capability of the Confederate general Huck Rigg, eventually leading to his replacement after several further failures.

The loss of a vital system heavily damaged GaIFa morale, although the defense was partially seen as a strategic retreat by both the GaIFa and modern analysts.

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