The second galactic conflict within the Milky Way which lasted from 9842 to 9952.


The war technically began when the Molkor launched their first invasion fleet from their home galaxy of Fornax in 8721. The fleet was equipped with their fastest ships and would reach the Milky Way within over a thousand years. They would launch a fleet of ships every few years and overwhelm the civilizations of the galaxy.

When they arrived in 9842, they had arrived near a small Confederate planetary outpost that had been set up to study the three worlds of the system that had life on them. The outpost was caught off guard by the massive alien ships and barely managed to send out a distress signal before being wiped out by kinetic bombardment. The Molkor then took the planet as their main base of operations.

When this distress signal reached Earth, the Confederacy sent a stealth fleet to the system to see what they were dealing with. They discovered massive weaponized fleets incoming every few days as the invasion fleet was sent in waves.

In an attempt to get more data, a probe was launched to try and gather further data. However, the Molkor managed to detect the probe and destroyed it. They launched fighters after the stealth fleet who had to flee.

The Molkor were shocked at the speed of the Confederate Warp Drives, but they had little time to think about that. They began to send out their ships deeper into the galaxy to conquer. With the incoming secondary invasion fleets ten years away they had to expand slowly so as to keep their conquered worlds. The Confederacy and its allies didn’t do much as it was the outer fringes of their space.

Ten years later the second fleet arrived. The first fleet was surprised, this fleet was 100 times larger than their own. With this second invasion fleet the Confederacy began to take this invasion more seriously. They began to build up their own defenses and built many space stations on their borders.

The first Confederate world they attacked was one that was a branch of the Alexandrian Network. When they discovered what they had found the Molkor tried to download the alien database, but failed to do so before the Confederate Navy arrived and ousted them off the planet. However the Molkor now knew a bit about their enemy, that they were more advanced in every way and had managed to form a galaxy spanning civilization. They knew they had to get their hands on the Confederate technology.

The Confederacy guessed that they’d try to go after library branches so they began to bolster defenses around their branches near the new Molkor territory. All their attempts to communicate with the Molkor failed.

For years the Molkor forces tried to break into a library branch planet but were repelled each time. However when the third invasion force began they stormed one planet and took control of it for a few months before being ousted again. However this gave them time to completely download and translate everything they needed. They began to improve their weapons, shields, medicine and Warp Drives to become an equal to the Confederacy.

However, their occupation of this library branch planet worked in reverse for them. A few of the translation teams left their equipment behind. The humans and their allies took and studied these machines and managed to crack the Molkor’s codes.

The Confederacy began to take more action. They launched propaganda campaigns to recruit willing young soldiers for the war effort. The Confederate military swarmed with volunteers.

With the fourth wave the Molkor broke through the demilitarized zone and began to launch all out assaults on more populated outpost worlds. The massive Molkor navy defeated world after world before the Confederacy Navy could hold them off.

This pattern repeated every time a new Molkor invasion fleet arrived, but the amount of space gained was growing smaller. A few months after the last Molkor invasion fleet arrived a small band of Molkor ships managed to sneak past Confederate defenses and made their way to the Sol System. They began launching fighters to destroy the megacities on Earth but they had only just begun before planetary defenses shot them out of the sky. Any remaining living Molkor were taken prisoner.

One of these prisoners was a rebel Molkor who believed in a more peaceful approach to contact with other worlds and species. This Molkor willingly helped the Confederacy locate the origins of the Molkor homeworld, Hathia.

The Invasion of Earth saw a surge of willing volunteers for the military. The Confederacy began to open the Pluto Vault and launched an all-out assault on the growing Molkor Empire. The Molkor, startled by these incredibly powerful weapons, retreated back to their original beachhead world. The last battle of the war in the Milky Way was fought over the Molkor beachhead world.

With the location of Hathia now known, the Confederacy began looking into newer faster forms of FTL. With the example of the Core Worlds Alliance, they managed to discover how to generate artificial wormholes after numerous tests they opened one a few hundred light years from Hathia.

The Confederacy launched a counterattack. Caught unaware, the Molkor of the Fornax galaxy lost many worlds until the Confederacy Navy appeared over the skies of Hathia. They demonstrated the planet buster weapon used during the Eastern Galactic Rebellion on a nearby world. Terrified the Molkor unanimously surrendered.

The rebel leaders that had snuck onto the invasion fleets then came forward and began to rebuild their civilization.


The Second Galactic War had a galaxy wide impact, both good and bad.

Many businesses that dealt with the development and manufacturing of weapons showed an increase of business with orders coming in directly from the Confederacy. People who didn’t want to fight were able to be hired there for extra income.

The Molkor war machine left many dead worlds in its wake. Many terraforming companies as well as zoo worlds helped to restore the original ecosystems to these worlds.

Many colony worlds were lost as well. Billions were either killed or enslaved by the Molkor.

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