The Second Gorvat-Orcian War was an eleven year conflict between the Gorvat Empire and the Amatrian Galactic Spherium that broke out after the territorial dispute in Messier 82 had resulted in a provoked attack on Spherium starfighters.

The Messier 82 territorial dispute began a few years after the first Gorvat-Orcian War had ended. The Gorvat Empire had remained within the galaxy to prevent an attack or invasion for years. When Spherium starfighters had scouted the outer regions of the galaxy, they were completely unaware of the presence of the Empire and when they were detected, a battle broke out between the starfighters. The news spread throughout the Spherium and the Empire. Once the Spherium accused the Empire of provoking the attack, the Gorvat Empire declared war after they claimed the accusation was false.

The war raged on for nearly eleven years. Most battles were in fact dogfights fought between starfighters, typically lasting a few hours. Once the Orcians were forced out of Messier 82, the Gorvat Empire regained control of the galaxy. Unknown to the Gorvats were roughly 50 colonies belonging to the Orcians inside Messier 82. The war ended with an atomic bombing of a Gorvat colony world, killing nearly a hundred million. Fearing further strikes, the Gorvats surrendered and handed over a hundred colonies of theirs to the Orcians, who declared themselves victorious.

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