The Second Intergalactic War, also known to the Orcians as the War of the Fourteenth Millennium, is an intergalactic war that engulfed the Local Group into military and political conflict for nearly two centuries. The war left the Orcians damaged and without a government for a century, during which the Amatrian Revolution took place.

It was one of the deadliest wars and conflicts in the history of the Local Group; until the War of the Decamillenial Transition broke out in 19804, which brought havoc and further destruction to the galaxies and their inhabitants.


Unknown for three centuries, the Spherium in Amatria was funded quadrillions of C-Units. For this amount of units, it would usually be used to construct megastructures such as a Dyson Sphere around stars, but the funding was towards another program. The ruthless dictator of the Spherium, that was elected at the time of the funding, ordered the construction of a grand and elite army for the Spherium. Within ten years, the army had grown to a size that it could overwhelm the Confederate Army in the Milky Way within five months. Countless war games and drills were carried out by the army to prepare themselves for an all-out war with the Local Group. Almost seventy thousand nuclear bombing run drills were also ordered, with most of them successful.

The unimaginable size of the Spherium's new grand army was soon numbering in the trillions, but the invasion plans that would initiate the war still required hard work. The army was still growing in size until no more work and training was required; the soldiers and star pilots were ready, with millions of destroyers awaiting commands from the president.


Trella Ceasefire

The civil war of Trella, by now, had resulted in the assassination of their president. The Spherium invaded Trella, a peaceful E-Class planet, thirty years before the Second Intergalactic War was declared. Bombing raids on the planet had destroyed much of the civilisation inhabiting the surface. By several senators in the Spherium, they decided to call a ceasefire, and ultimately end the Trella Civil War. However, as over senators agreed, they still wanted to claim victory in the civil war before signing the ceasefire agreement.

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