Physical Description

Seekites (Pronounced as See-Kites) are a species of silicon-based lithoids, that are approximately 3 meters tall, 1.3 meters in depth, and 1.7 meters wide. Seekites holds an average weight of roughly 9.05 tonnes (19,965 pounds). Seekite body structure is very unusual and exotic, being comprised of resistant silicon and rock-like structures that form into a singular organism.

Seekites, with their silicon-based form, are comprised of many kinds of durable and resistant crystalline structures. These structures are grown in layers over many decades, with Seekites entering adulthood by 112 years.

Body Structure

Seekite body structure, with its outer layers being primarily comprised of silicate and chitin compounds, is very tough and durable. They are normally most protected around the front area, where their source of nutritions are taken in. The facial area, along with their prehensile limbs have a tough cover, made up of bluish silica. This is the area that light may pass through, and be absorbed by Seekites.

The triangular shapes on their heads, as well as their their limbs have helped Seekites with hunting ancient prey, and for fighting other Seekites. However, combat against tougher organisms may cause fracturing across the weaker sections of their bodies. This rarely happens, as Seekites are some of the toughest organisms on their homeworld, if not across their entire nation.

The organic interior of a Seekite contains a large brain, several small eyes that protrude to the outside, and a nose which capable of smelling basic scents. This area is often quoted as a 'weak spot' for Seekites, as any temperature exceeding 5500 C° can melt the crystal, and boil the insides instantly. Unfortunately, this temperature is around the same temperature that is fired off of plasma rifles. So, with good aim, anybody could kill a Seekite relatively instantly.


Seekites usually have a calm and elated personality, with timidness and shyness being very prevalent in their speech and behavior. This likely stems from their anti-conflict and antisocial traits gained from being trapped in a galactic cluster for millions of years. This has changed considerably since the War for All.

Seekites normally have no need for physical food, instead consuming wavelengths of light, akin to a species of flora. This only works because the light goes through a clear and tough crystalline structure, and lands on an organic interior. The light is then absorbed.

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