Selene is one of several artificial moons of Earth. Constructed early in Humanity's expansion into the stars, it is affectionatelly refered to as "Little Luna". It is possibly one of the most well known moons of Earth aside from Luna, due to it's age and cultural signifigance for Humanity as a whole.


Selene looks like an ecumonopolis from the outside, from it's many many factories. On the interior however, it is more akin to a Bernal Sphere, in which there is plenty of livable land for the population to reside within.


Selene was constructed in the mid 2nd millennium, in 2575, though construction had begun in 2482. It was one of several artificial moon projects that Humanity engaged in. It was designed to act as a mega-factory and processing plant, allowing the processing of materials brought in from colonies elsewhere in the solar system to be processed in space, rather than wasting energy to bring them down to Earth.

After it's construction, it served its primary function with incredible success and dedication. An interior space was constructed to make Selene a habitable location for people who wanted to live off of Earth, or work in the fatories. These factories have been mostly automated for thousands of years by Millenium 200.

Selene was a major contributor to the construction of the rings of Earth.


Many live on the interior of the moon, and those who work in the factories make their way to the cities on the exterior to work there. the interior is a well built city on the inside, with thousands of interconnecting bridges and walkways.

The population of Selene are mostly the desendents of the original factory and processing workers that gave the moon it's purpose. It is known for producing a large number of notable figures in construction throughout the Sol system, often hailing from the artificial moon, and known for building up a large number of cities and monuments throughout the solar system.

Several key industires exist on Selene - Factory work is still an important task the moon provides, as well as maintainane crews. Many technical jobs are handled by artificial intelligence, though they still require Human oversight. Many people on Selene pursue artistic careers.


Selene itself was constructed of hyper-strength metalic alloys which were shaped sperically to create the frame. These frames were then filled by steel alloys that would form the shape of Selene.

On the exterior, huge steel buildings were constructed, which became the factories and processing plants of the artificial world. There are several debris-clearing defense towers, which reach high above the surface of Selene, and will often disintergrate any dangerous matter that cannot be collected and reutilized. The surface is full of spaceports to allow travel to and from the moon. Like many artificial moons around Earth, it is also equipped with a series of automated and manned defense systems in case of invasion. There are also a series of Kinetic Towers, which can be used to generate a Kinetic Shield around the moon if the need arises.

Dirt was brought in from Earth, while water was brought in from asteroids and the ice-caps of other worlds, and air was produced by growing trees and other such plants in controlled environments, which was then combined with carbon dioxide and nitrogen to create an Earth-like series of environmental factors on the interior. The interior is now a huge Eco-City. Parks and trees are intergrated into the huge city that takes up most of the interior, which gives the population a feeling that they are on a natural planet.

Districts and Politics

Selene is seperated into dozens of districts, which possess limited local governments to deal with local issues. These local governments are responsible for the running of public structures, such as transportation and communication. They are also able to provide government jobs to people who have no work, or simply wish to opt into a public-servant job for a time.

Politics is often considered an important part of Selenian culture. Politics are taught within the schools from a young age, and students are encouraged to develop their own beleifs and arguments. Selene at large possesses no Conservative party.


Education is highly respected on Selene, as it is seen as the blueprint for the construction of the world they now live on. There are dozens of types of school, dedicated to providing as many methods of education as possible for as many people as possible. Because of the immense respect education has on the world, the average citizen of Selene remains in education until their mid 20's, in spite of compulsory education ending at 18.

Asteria Building

Being one giant city, Selene has no "Capital". It however, does have one large administrative building, known as the Asteria Building. This building towers from the interior and into the exterior, making it visible from space. It possesses 250 floors, with multiple floors dedicated to one branch of government or another. Asteria is often considered the "Capital Building" of Selene.


  • Selene is named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene
  • Selene was the first artificial moon of Earth.
  • Selene is slightly smaller than Luna.
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