Semele (RS 8474-694-7-16434-83 B6.1 in Space Engine is the first major moon of Kotys, six planet of Zagrei Secundus and fourth human colony estabilished in Zagrei System.


Physical and orbital characteristics 

Kogaion orbits its parent in 38h50m25s.03 with a eccentricity of 0.047 and an inclination of inclination of -0°34'13''.46. Like other major moons it's tidally locked to its parent. It is low gravity world (0.27127 g) with a mass of 0.081237 M⊕  and a radius of 0.547224 R⊕. With an average of density of 2.7319 g/cm^3, the planet is iron-poor.


With an axial tilt of only 0°28'58''.61, there are no discernible seasons, the climate is eternal spring-like with an average temperature of 14.282°C. The climate is mild because there are no major continents, but big and small islands.


Before colonization and terraforming, it has a thick atmosphere (4.92 atm) composed of 83.8 % carbon dioxide, 16.2 % sulphur dioxide and traces of argon and krypton. After terraforming, humans gave this world a thiner atmosphere (1.25 atm) of 74.49 % nitrogen and 20.45 % oxygen.


Semele was a temperate desert terraformed now in a temperate archipelago E-class world. Massive orbital strikes was used to make the atmosphere thiner. The terraforming process began in 3112 executed by a small team using genetically modified bacteria and nuclear termonucleosyntesis. The terraforming process have ended in 2.5 centuries. Being an archipelago world, its biodiversity is quite diverse and includes insular species such as deer-size rabbits, lizard-size anacondas,house cat-size bears,giants owls,carnivorous stork-size parrots.It harbors the hiding places of Najmuththaaqib,a terrorist organization made by sabazian muslims. United forces of Sabazios and Semele have defeated the Najmuththaaqib in 5678. Like other colonies of Zagrei System it was under control of Brotherhood of Zalmoxes after First Galactic War and its reunification with Confederacy of Humanity.


Semelian population is in majority neo-norse british and scandinavian descendants. In 22,058 it has 900 millions people divided as such 29 % english descendants, 23 % swedish descendants,18 % irish descendants, 12.5 % norwegian descendants, 11.75 % finnish descendants, 4.9 % sami descendants and 0.85 others.


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