Inhabitants of Leracesi and slave race of the Cooperative Imperium of Spheres.


An avian species, the Seni have two pairs of wings, an upper tougher pair which is used for long flights and a smaller fairer pair used for hovering in tight spaces. They are covered in white feathers. They have gentle handlike appendages used for eating only while their powerful clawlike legs are used for catching and dismembering their food.

Their heads are triangular in shape like pterodactyls but with an avian look to them, not reptilian. They have eyes somewhat on the sides of their heads. They are normally seen wearing some sort of earbuds that filter out much of the sound in atmosphere’s with more pressure because they are not used to it.

They can live to up to 100 Earth years old. Due to the planet’s slow orbit they can stay up for over two Earth days but then have to sleep for just as long.


The avian Seni are a loyal species to their masters, helping build colonies on other planets for the CIS as well as being loyal tacticians in the few wars. They worship the Githu, Hakoduil and Ingla as their gods ad faithfully serve them in all aspects.

The Seni have two other colony worlds where they live and serve.


The Seni’s first ancestors appeared over a million years ago on one of the western continents where they spread across their brown oceans to settle other nearby islands and continents. They remained hunter gatherers due to the abundance of life in the oceans, which is where the carnivorous Seni usually fed from.

When discovered by the Githu over three thousand years ago, the Seni were still a primitive hunter gatherer species and had evolved a good intellect as well as amazing stamina. The Seni also had a pantheon of gods that they worshiped daily. The Githu saw the potential in manual labor. And, posing as gods, landed and established them as a slave species.

The Githu helped the Seni spread to other empty continents on the planet in exchange for the Seni’s help in building colonies on other worlds and serving as tacticians and spies due to their incredible hearing.

When they first encountered the Confederacy of Humanity they believed that the humans were also gods and tried to worship them but the humans asked not to be worshiped as they weren't gods. This caused a few Seni to doubt their gods and there have been a few isolated incidents of rebellion. A large number of escaped slaves and their families even secretly escaped to the Milky Way by entering a wormhole and establishing a home on a world in the Confederacy, but the CIS are unaware of this and believe the colony where the rebellion took place was destroyed by a meteor strike.

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