Senth is a cold world, home to the aerial Avanu. They have built cities that reach the clouds.

It is located in the Celestara binary system, in the Negamane (RG 0-0-0-520) galaxy.


Along with Aranim, Senth is one of the largest planets of the Alliance Of Four . It is home to the highly telepathic Avanu, a pacifist species of great spiritual intellect. Senth is lead by the Sol'Peg'Graada, Senthish for "The Spiritual Circle". In Senthish, the natives use the word "'peg'" when describing something of importance. If one were to talk about "a spiritual circle", it would only be Sol Graada. But when they talk about "The Spiritual Circle", they say Sol'PEG'Graada to signify its importance.

Just like Cloderia, Senth is tidal locked, which means one side is constantly dark and the other is bright.


The Avanu is an aerial civilization and has built cities that reach the skies and some of them even the atmosphere. The inhabitants are highly spiritual, and telepathy is practiced on a daily basis. Due to this, a conversation between two Avanu citizens might look like a staring contest.

In the capital city of Shinanori lies the huge palace of the Sol'Peg'Graada.


The cities of Senth are located inside huge lollipop-like structures that reach high into the skies. There are shuttle transports between each city, while transit systems are located within them. While the Avanu and the Corela from Aranim can breath and live in the open, tourists from Shirron Kel and Cloderia need to stay inside the city domes.


The Avanu loves alien life as much as they love their own species. They were the first to visit Cloderia at the dawn of Sana civilization and teach them the ways of spirituality and present them with technology to help them evolve further, just like the people of Aranim had helped the Avanu.


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