Serenity today

First human colony in the Triangulum Galaxy, formed after the Confederacy-Glitter Treaty of 9961.


Originally a warm E-Class world (now temperate after massive atmospheric scrubbing), this planet has a diameter of 9896.6 km and a gravitational pull of 0.8 G. It has a semimajor axis of 501671.3 km from Ifindris and is tidally locked. Its day length is 1.7 days.


Serenity 2

Serenity pre-terraforming

Originally, the planet had a boiling hot surface temperature of 92.7°C and an atmospheric pressure of 2.3 ATM, but extensive terraforming had quickly changed that. It has an axial tilt of 20°30’.

The new climate is a bit more wild than that of Earth due to the longer day length but it is within the human norm of adjustment.


Serenity had many names before it was colonized. The Katoxyn called it Rya while the Uathyn called it Vind. It was a world of little interest save for the scant amounts of water on the surface which fascinated a handful of Uathyn scientists who set up a few bases on the moon before abandoning it.

Serenity Map

Current Serenity map

With the arrival of the Confederacy into Glitter space, the world caught the attention of humanity. With permission from the two native species, extensive terraforming of the planet began in earnest in 9969 and was completed twenty years later. As the completed world was mostly water, the Uathyn eagerly colonized the new ocean, marveling at the vast new forms of life that the humans had imported not only from Earth but also from other worlds. To the surprise of both governments, the Kya also expressed a slight interest in forming an embassy there in order to better facilitate communication between the Confederacy and the Glitter Territories.

Serenity Map 2

Serenity map pre-terraforming

Currently the total population is 72 million, 10 million humans, three thousand Kya and nearly 62 million Uathyn.


On the surface, the humans rule the land with a democracy. Below, the Kya rule their small peninsulas with the same form of government they use while the Uathyn govern themselves with the same one for all mindset they have had for the past few thousand years, although a few are trying to imagine a more individualistic approach to government.


Most life on the moon is imported from Earth and a handful of other terrestrial worlds from the Milky Way, while the sea life is a mix of terrestrial and Uathyn life.

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