Serkis is an ice world with 15 moons, most of them having a combined tidal pull that causes the planet to be wracked with violent quakes. It orbits Suquina, a star located within the Milky Way.

Serkis's Moons

Ordered in closest to farthest Orbital Period Diameter Type Moon
Eunerth 9h21m22.12s 8.24 km Dwarf
Mimiteh 20h26m19.88s 658.54 km Moon
Kynthis 34h00m46s 724.84 km Moon
Cynthia 2.358 days 868.73 km Moon
Pulan 3.925 days 905.04 km Moon
Shive 6.531 days 1047.88 km Moon
Jyotish 10.868 days 1055.36 km Moon
Hilel 18.084 days 1216.49 km Moon
Neomea 30.093 days 1223.25 km Moon
Ambika 50.075 days 1382.74 km Moon
Thaiuruth 1.305 years 34.39 km Dwarf
Qeylea 1.399 years 36.6 km Dwarf
Smolla 1.47 years 47.75 km Dwarf
Trejucury 1.525 years 50.16 km Dwarf
Iezuno 1.581 years 53.54 km Dwarf
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