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Setifora (AKA RS 6856-226-4-1282-993 8) is the 8th planet of a star system located in an unknown galaxy some 74 million light years from the Milky Way. It has only been inhabited by complex life for about 198,000 years at this point.


In some ways, it is similar to Azlan. The planet formed around 6.1 billion BCE, but life was confined to its oceans as single celled life up until relatively recently when exotic life from Earth was introduced.

Planet Of The Birds


In 1851 CE, an unknown insectoid race visited Earth to capture and examine various insect and bird species. Among them was a population of several hundred crows. Not willing to return to Earth and end up getting seen by humans again, they looked for a place to "secretly" dispose of their alien animal specimens until they found the Setiforian system. Once they had warped there, they terraformed the planet and gave it an atmosphere of oxygen so that flowers, trees and insects could live there as food for the crows. The birds were finally released in 1891 CE and the planet was abandoned for the exotic Earth life to inhabit alone. Within a century, flocks of crows had spread all across the various continents, and within a millennium the entire land area had been grown over by trees and meadows.



As of 200000 CE, Setifora is still thriving with crows, plants and insects, including bees that still pollinate the various flowers and shrubs. A small amount of evolutionary change has also occurred, seeing as some crows have developed different feather colors and many flowers now grow a meter or taller due to the lower gravity. The birds have also evolved specialized beak shapes in order to eat eggs, seeds, or bugs, with the original crow species now having split into several dozen. To this day, it is the only world in existence in which animal life from Earth has remained fully undisturbed by humans. However, bacteria and amoeba are still the only forms of life to be found in its oceans.

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