The Sha-Kara Remnant, mostly referred to as New Core by citizens, is a small 8,000 galaxy wide section of the eastern Borealis Cluster. Currently, the Sha-Kara Remnant is completely neutral, and disallows any foreign ships, tourist or military, from any empire.

The Sha'Kara Remnant is currently connected to the 7-L Cluster, as well as a few distant and small, but valuable colonies near their borders. They are also at their maximum size, and can not expand any more in The Borealis Cluster, at least without approval of The Intergalactic Council.


The reason for The Sha'Kara Remnant's existence is quite simple. After The War for All, many people had rushed to stake their claims. The Seekers, for one, had done some of the most development, and wanted to keep their claims on the far-east portion of the Borealis Cluster. They stated that if it weren't given to them, the war would be stretched out for longer. After many days of banter, The Intergalactic Council gave them a 1,000 galaxy-sized space, located far from any nation. The area has a good amount of strange matter and antimatter, which is all that mattered to them.

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