The Shazarak Imperium, (mostly referred to The Imperium), was a large sub-galactic state located within the M110 galaxy. In its time, it was a force to be reckoned with. they developed countless technologies, including an equivalent to wormholes. This technology that they created was what made Xa'Thin expansion into Andromeda possible at all.

The Shazarak Imperium was a gestalt robotic consciousness, which was connected to one system. This is remarkably similar to The Supreme, and this is held up by the fact that the Shazarak Imperium acted as a single entity.

As of 200000 CE, the Shazarak Imperium is no more than an echo of what could have been. There are only about a few quadrillion Shazarak refugees located within The Supreme, which The Commonwealth has no knowledge about.


The Shazarak Imperium owned about 50% of M110, and bits of Andromeda in its absolute highest state. they held countless star systems, which were full of rich planets that bore many resources. These resources were harvested with pure efficiency in order to help The Imperium with their assimilation projects.

As a result of the Giga Warp Drive that The Imperium invented, they expanded into Andromeda, and collected many more resources. This made it difficult for Xa'Thin forces to invade them in The War for M110.

The Imperium also invested into technology and fleet management, as well as its vast armies. they had no need to feed or care for their people, as a result of its citizens being literal robots.


Assimilation Attempts (2030 CE)

The Imperium had a large need to cater for people. As a result, they created a large-scale assimilation program. This would not only help with their power output, but also give him many actual organisms to care for. Smaller scale assimilation projects also occurred on their home planet, Shazaka. They found many small mammals, insects, and things of the nature that were still alive from The Shazarak Revolution. The Imperium gave them cybernetic implants, which connected them to The Imperium. However, this didn't do anything other than make the irradiated animals intelligent. So, The Imperium simply let them free, and soon realize that they had to find creatures in the league of their creators.

Initial Expansion (2044 CE)

After The Imperium realized what they had to do, they immediately purged all of their funds into space travel, energy efficiency, and resource collection. Approximately 5 years after this was declared, the first resource extractions on their major moon, Metropolis, occurred. Eventually, operations at the poles and mineral-rich areas near the equator had proven very effective. 1 year later, many wind turbines were constructed on Shazaka's toxic and windy moon, Binus. This also proved to be very successful for the Shazaraks, propelling them deeper into their system.

Warp Drive (2068 CE)

After 24 years of non-stop brute expansion, The Imperium had researched the way for a prototype warp drive. Soon after this discovery, a true Warp Drive was implemented on made stronger trade routes to their inner and outer worlds, and eventually marched to their closest star systems. After building their first base of operations around another star, their true expansion in M110 finally begun. The Imperium also had enough resources to build a partial Dyson Swarm around Shalaka, which would require the entire amount of minerals located on the dwarf planet Tenus. This Dyson Swarm would benefit The Imperium greatly, and would propel their assimilation programs very high.

First Contact (2123 CE)

Eventually, many Imperium scout ships had surveyed around 30 l.y around them. They had come across many worlds, many of them being suitable for mass power plants and mining. By now, most of Tenus's resources were mined out for the Dyson Swarm, and other megastructures were planned to be built around Shazaka, and the gas giant Pelus. This, again, would help expedition greatly.

While Expeditionary Force #38 was surveying nearby the Sa'Kia system, they saw a solar outpost that wasn't theirs. This prompted them to carry out a full search of the structure, which ended up setting up first contact with another empire, the Lo'Xal Federation.

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