Shen Novan, born in 9961, is a human-turned cyborg that plotted the devastating massacre on Heria in 9997 at the age of 36.


Shen was born to a loving family of five children on July 6th 9961. Despite the family's efforts, Shen was a violent and aggressive child; hence his anger issues. Once at the age to be taught the education syllabus, Shen ran away from his home for a week until he was captured by security forces. He was then placed into a boarding school on Mars; although, he was bullied for many years, fuelling his anger issues to the brinking point when he managed to acquire a weapon from the security office and attacked his bullies. Suspended for two weeks, he was once again moved to another school but the government's efforts were no help to his anger issues.

He suffered further bullying in school for the next few years until the age of 16, when he suffered a horrific fight with soon-to-become terrorist Aeda Hysa, a bully that stalked him for a year until Shen discovered her. The fight was brutal and led to both arms and half of his face being replaced with robotics. His voice now is more metallic and threatening. 

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