The Shev'ra (meaning "peoples' leaders in the Shevins' ancient Vindar language), sometimes called the Shevin alliance by Humans, is a prosperous S-Type nation existing within the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy.


Unlike the Confederacy and the Commonwealth, the Shev'ra is much much smaller, only being present in two galaxies as well as five star clusters outside its home galaxy. It also doesn't have much of a military, since it has never encountered any major threats due to the lack of any other native advanced civilisations in their galaxy.


The Shev'ra was founded in 3058 after the Shevins had colonised their first extra solar world, Ijiuptos, as they knew that they would need an interstellar nation to manage future colonies, thus, the Shev'ra was born. Over its history, a few other species have joined, making it a "loose" alliance.

As of 200k CE, the Shev'ra is thriving, with countless colonies scattered throughout the Sag dSph galaxy along with some loosely governed ones in the Milky Way.

Member species


The founding species and most dominant in the Shev'ra. Shevins are the most diverse species in the nation as well (along with some Xa'thins members), as well as being the most widespread.


A triple-eyed, quadrupal species from an eponymous moon and were the first intelligent species contacted by Shevins. While one may not suspect it, they are intelligent and had alreay developed advanced spaceflight at the time of their discovery in 3076.


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