Shinigami (71 Tauri 3) is a hot dwarf S-Class world orbiting Adephaga. It has four captured asteroid moons named A.K.E.E Chills, Rex and Jorgen.


Discovered in 2085, this world was classified as a dwarf world according to the classifications at the time. Nothing of note was discovered about its composition. On its surface, however, unusual bule crystals were discovered. They vary in height from 10 to 4 feet and patches that are full of ice 6 and small Cryovolcanos.


Like most of the planets, this world formed from Adephaga's stellar disc around 150 million years ago. It was too small to form an atmosphere, but it did manage to capture four asteroids as its moons. It is currently located just past the inner border of Adephaga's asteroid belt.

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