Physical Description

Shinja are a subgroup of genetically modified humans native to the planet Nihon. They are very similar to Humans  in their features, language, and perception of the world. Like humans, they are sapient bipedal hominids. Also like humans, they have two arms and two legs, with five digits on each. Due to the extensive genetic modification, they are slightly less intelligent than the average human.

Differences from humans

Shinja have very large eyes compared to their head. On average, three times larger than the average human. Their eyes can range from purple to red, and can be any color in between. Apart from those colors, they can also brown, amber, black, grey, pink, or greyish blue. A  few Shinja claim to be able to see in ultraviolet.

Shinja also have exotic hair colors. Most colors on the have wheel have been observed. The most common colors (in order of commonality) are brown, purple, dark purple, neon blue, black, grey (even in childhood), dark blue, orange, red, green, and pink. Other rarer colors include yellow, white, and dark grey. Natural highlights are also common.

Shinja also have very small noses. Most noses are smaller than a typical human child's.

Most female Shinja have very long hair. The reason for this is the accelerated hair growth Gene's that have been introduced into the Shinja.

Shinja are completely compatible with humans.

Over 99.99% of all Shinja live within the Empire of Nihon. Rumors say that there are only 10,000,000 outside their rudimentary empire. These rare specimens are noted to be very human-like, with changes only being different in either hair color or eye size (rarer)


A bizarre quirk of the Shinja race is the spontaneous formation of what can only be described as harems. 3 to 7 female Shinja all fall in love with a random male. Typically one of average build and intelligence.

These harems last about a year until they dissipate with only one female ending up receiving mutual love from the male. This tendency was actually inserted into the DNA of the Shinja. If a human were to also have the gene they would not display similar behavior, as the coordination required for the Shinja to do this is among many genes and is embedded into the culture itself.

The female Shinja in the harem usually all have different personalities. One is typically very smart. One is quite a bit younger than the rest. One is quite a bit older. At least one is a Nekomimi. One female will begin to display violent tendencies (called a Tsundere). The rest would also be average.


In 196902, three hundred million anime fans gathered on a lifeless terra wearing pressure-resistant suits. They decided that the best way to preserve anime was to become anime characters themselves. They began to terraform the cool terra. Not only were they terraforming the planet, but they were also rapidly designing what would later be called Shinja. Within 100 years, the planet was fully terraformed and the inhabitants of Nihon were Shinja.

The artificial race was called the Shinja, which translates as a believer or devotee. They chose this name because they were devoted to anime and the like to an extreme level.

Ginga Galaxy

In 197002, a group of extremists called the Neo Klan, decided to purge the universe of Shinja. The group, over one trillion strong, attacked the fledgling empire in what became one of the largest racially motivated conflicts in history.

The Shinja did not receive any help from the confederacy, in fact, many in the confederacy were relieved to see that the Shinja were being purged. The Klan outnumbered Nihon two to one, and the small military of Nihon was no match for the Klan.

The first emperor, Ryuji I, decided to abandon the planet, and he and his most loyal one million followers abandoned the dying world. They brought with them millions of drones and colony ships. It took them over one hundred years to get to the Ginga galaxy, a galaxy selected at random to be the new homeworld of the Shinja.

They found a planet and named it Nihon. Completely isolated from the rest of humanity, they began to spread throught the Ginga galaxy, eventually colonizing one-fourth of it. Nihon had to use cloning technology to colonize the galaxy, as their population growth was never high enough to colonize that many planets.


Shinja speak in many dialects, except for the most part their language is more similar to English than Japanese. They speak three main dialects of their language as well as just pure Japanese.

  • Shinja- This language is mostly based on English, where only every sixth word or so is Japanese.
  • Otakish- about a 50/50 split between English and Japanese
  • Hiraganish- Mostly Japanese, with only one in five words being English

A vast majority of Shinja have a deep almost religious respect for anime of all kinds. Their reverence is so great that they genetically modified themselves to look more like anime characters.

Using the derogatory term "weeb" around a Shinja would insult the Shinja and most likely enrage them.

They have two main religions Haruhiism and Madokaism. Haruhiists believe in an unknowing deity roaming the vast expanse of the universe in search of interesting beings. Madokaists believe in an evil entity hell-bent on tearing the world apart, with Madoka being the only savior. These two religions have not changed much since their origin in the early 2000s.

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